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rational number
a number that can be expressed exactly by a ratio of two integers.
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In mathematics, a rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient or ..... We can define addition and multiplication of these pairs with the following rules: ( m 1 , n 1 ) + ( m ...

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A number that can be made by dividing two integers. (Note: integers have no fractions.) The word comes from "ratio". Examples: • 1/2 is a rational number (1 ...

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1.5 is a rational number because 1.5 = 3/2 (it can be written as a fraction). Rational Number ... Formal Definition of Rational Number. More formally we say:.

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Rational and irrational numbers definitions, examples, a video about ratios, and more.

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In this lesson, we will learn about rational numbers and their characteristics. We'll discover what they are, what they aren't and how to...

Rational number | Define Rational number at Dictionary.com


Rational number definition, a number that can be expressed exactly by a ratio of two integers. See more.

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A rational number is one that can be represented as the ratio of two whole numbers.

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So let's talk a little bit about rational numbers. And the simple way to think about it is any number that can be represented as the ratio of two integers is a rational ...