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There are documented cases of "real" zombies. They vary immensely, however, from the Western understanding of zombies as undead monsters who like to dine on the flesh of the living...



Zombies are fictional undead creatures created through the reanimation of human ..... zombies not just for their own sake, but as a vehicle "to criticize real- world ...



Jun 27, 2012 ... Ok lets drop it and agree he was zombie LIKE ... ok people here's the truth... the zombies from the walking dead? super real. theres a virus (i ...

Real zombies caught on tape 2015 - YouTube


Mar 14, 2015 ... Security video shows entire 'zombie' attacks .... this they have had men eating others they even found 5 already this has been happening Top 5 ...

By Stephen Wagner , About.com GuideJanuary 17, 2012 - The Saddle Horn bar in Phoenix, AZ has its ghosts, including this one videotaped behind the bar. - Ken Summers' article echos this website's stance: be skeptical but open-minded; get educated. Plus: Night at the mus... More »
By Stephen Wagner, About.com Guide

The Zombie Apocalypse is Real, and it's already started


The zombie Apocalypse is not only a very real possibility, I believe it's already upon us. While it might not be the typical scenario that you're used to seeing ...

Is This How The Zombie Apocalypse Will Happen? 5 Real-Life ...


Feb 25, 2015 ... Of course, so far we've managed to keep zombies confined to the realms of fiction , but are there instances of 'zombie-ism' in the real world?

Could A Zombie Apocalypse Happen In Real Life? - Yahoo Movies UK


Sep 10, 2015 ... “There are parasites out there that get close to making actual walking around zombies,” explains Dr. Neuman, “But the real weirdoes locked up ...

Did Nazis really try to make zombies? The real history behind one of ...


Aug 22, 2015 ... Nazi zombies make for a grabber of a headline, but what real evidence is there that raising the dead was on the agenda for even the most ...

The witch doctor who 'proved' that zombies are REAL - Daily Mail


Sep 16, 2015 ... The witch doctor who 'proved' that zombies are REAL: The spine-tingling story of the Haitian Voodoo leader who revealed the secrets of ...

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Q: What is a real zombie?
A: I was asked if zombies are real. Whether Zombies exist is up for debate, but in mythology they Read More »
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Q: Are there real zombies?
A: No, they are not real. Read More »
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Q: Are there real zombies?
A: No, they are not real. Read about them. If you look them up, All the sources say something about "mythology." There are fungi and parasites that will infect ins... Read More »
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Q: Are there real zombies.
A: No, They certainly capture the imagination of the masses. Belief in zombies is widespread in Haiti and in many communities. No, They certainly capture the imagi... Read More »
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Q: Where is a good "real" zombie site?
A: Yeah, zombies aren't real. This is like asking for proof of REAL unicorns, not gonna happen. Read More »
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