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Dumb laws, also called weird laws, strange laws, futile laws, or unnecessary laws , are laws that ... There are relatively few real "dumb laws" on the books, but a large number of hoax or e...

Dumb Laws, Stupid Laws: We have weird laws, strange laws, and ...


You won't believe the crazy laws in the United States, Canada, and around the ... We have dumb laws in California, New York, Florida. ... Real Haunted Houses.

Real Funny Dumb Laws in the United States - Tjshome.com


Below is a list of real funny, silly, stupid, and dumb laws in the United States ... Arkansas; Arkansas drive-ins' aren't very convenient thanks to this law.

Most Ridiculous Laws In Every State - Business Insider


Feb 21, 2014 ... We've all heard urban legends and rumors about absurd laws in .... (or oleo or oleomargarine) as real butter is guilty of a misdemeanor.

The 22 most ridiculous US laws still in effect today. #10 is just crazy ...


It's our personal top list, therefore you'll find our very favorite at the end of the list. If you are aware of some bizarre law still in effect in your country feel free to tell ...

13 Funny International Laws You'd Never Know Were Real ...


You might want to remember these 13 surprising and strange laws next time you' re traveling to avoid embarrassment, ... 13 Funny International Laws You'd Never Know Were Real ..... Quiz: Which of These Dumb Criminals Is Telling the Truth?

US Weird and Strange Laws - LawGuru.com


The material found in this section is courtesy of dumblaws.com where you can find hundreds of additional "dumb laws". None of the laws mentioned in this ...

17 Ridiculous Laws Still On The Books In The U.S. - Huffington Post


May 2, 2010 ... While no one is really enforcing these unnecessary laws, the fact that they are still on the books just goes to show how far stupidity can rise in ...

67 Ridiculous Laws From Around The World That Still Actually Exist ...


Oct 29, 2013 ... 67 Ridiculous Laws From Around The World That Still Actually Exist .... Even though they don't really specify what qualifies as dirty talk. 31.

50 Stupid Laws From 50 States – EListMania


Apr 2, 2010 ... Here we have gathered for you at least one dumb law from a state each. ... This rule really means for one to shower with their clothes on, and if ...

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25 Random Laws - Dumb Laws, Stupid Laws: We have weird laws ...


Small Brains. Dumb Laws. ... It is against the law to read a comic book while operating a motor vehicle. Oklahoma ... Who says ghosts aren't real? Find out for  ...

The Strangest 50 State Laws Across America That Still Exist


Below are some of the more questionable, comical or just plain dumb laws that exist in each of ... The real reason the Newton family had so many St. Bernards.

The Weirdest Law in Every State in America - Thrillist


Aug 17, 2015 ... 11 of the Weirdest Food Laws in the Country ... One that needs to be renewed each January, so really think hard about how much you want to ...