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I've told some of my closest friends from school and you do get a sense of shame associated with it. Since others didn't really know the relationship with my dad, ...

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I am actually usually a deep person and most people I know would describe me that way. I feel terrible about hating my dad so much but I just can't love him ...

I Seriously Don't Love Him : I Hate My Dad Story & Experience


I hate my dad so much, I seriously don't care if anything bad happens to him. Matter of fact, I ... I really hate him right now because I want my own car. I HATE ...

i hate my dad. anyone else? | Yahoo Answers


Jun 2, 2008 ... Best Answer: yup i hate my own father. and i've hated him for almost 22 ... I know that sometimes life can be hard, and it can really suck, but I'm ...

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For once I felt really pretty. I felt truly beautiful today. No one told that or said anything. I just looked in the mirror and said "Wow. I'm so cute today." I was just ...

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I used to tell people how i hate my dad and they always told me i was being stupid or .... My dad has a alcohol and drug problem.he gets really violent , he still is ...

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Jun 18, 2012 ... My dad can be a horrible father, but his mood can change whenever....he could be ... All my friends are really, really homophobic and I HATE it.

i hate my father so much that i have no care for him - Family ...


I don't hate my dad THAT much, but i'm coming to the point where i'm REALLY going to hate him. He gets upset at things even like when i ...

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I feel really bad about this. But I think I hate my Father. I used to think he was really wonderful and good. But now all I can see is his failures. I'

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Mar 31, 2009 ... is it okay to hate your dad? from my years of disliking him i've become ..... I really hate that the wonderful, safe place I had when I was five or so ...

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Q: I really * hate my dad?
A: move away. Your * turning 18? you should * save up like 5 grand or even less and move to a city where you can * study. NYC.LA.Chic. SO many * cities. in canada.... Read More »
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Q: I really hate my dad?
A: Walk in to a police station, they will take care of you and make everything okay, they can get you and your brother a better family. One that loves you and show... Read More »
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Q: I really hate my dad?
A: Hi buddy, I can understand your situation. You sound like a great kid at the age of 14. I don't think it is teenage thing at all. Some question that I would hav... Read More »
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Q: I really hate my dad?
A: Your situation sounds so similar to what I was experiencing with my dad. But he unfortunately he had a brain injury when I was 14, so in that respect it made us... Read More »
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Q: I really hate my dad(venting).
A: I hated my dad my whole life. He had a really bad temper ever since I could remember, he was just absent from my life, even though my parents are not divorced. ... Read More »
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