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Reasons Against Cloning - VIDEOS & ARTICLES - Patrick Dixon


Arguments for and against human cloning research. Why some people want to clone themselves or even to clone the dead (and not just cloning pets).

To Clone or not to Clone: The Ethical Question


The advocates for both sides of the issue have many reasons to clone or not to clone. This is an attempt to explore the pros and cons of human cloning and to ...

Why not clone a human? | Today's issues | guardian.co.uk


Cloning - the advent of human, reproductive cloning - is back in the news. ... "And there is no reason to think the response would be different in humans [than in] ...

A little more about how cloning works - Understanding Genetics


Aug 22, 2012 ... Why it is that human beings can not be cloned? ... And the main reason we haven 't is because there isn't an ethical way to do it just yet.

Should we clone humans? | Debate.org


Debate whether or not humans should be cloned. Discuss ... The main reasons to clone humans have to do with curing diseases and the betterment of medicine.

Why is human cloning considered unethical? - Quora


There are a number of reasons why human cloning can violate ethics... - In order to clone ... While I am not adamantly opposed to genetic engineering or cloning, we have to recognize that there are real ethical dilemmas when dealing with ...

Reasons For and Against Human Cloning « Phil for Humanity


Unfortunately, I have not seen or heard a holistic explanation of both sides with all the reasons for and against human cloning, so I am going to list all the ...

Cloning: How, why ... and why not - Health - Cloning | NBC News


Whether or not “Eve” turns out to be the first living human clone, Friday's announcement of her birth ... And there may be a good reason for it, a new study finds.

Human Clones: Why Not? - Slate


Mar 14, 1997 ... If you can clone a sheep, you can almost certainly clone a human being. Some of the most powerful people in the world have felt compelled to ...



Cloning is not just another reproductive technology that should be made ... are few good reasons to develop the technology, and many reasons not to develop it.

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Five Reasons Not To Clone Yourself - IEET


Jul 28, 2010 ... Given the current state of technology, reproductive cloning is not a safe and effective means of human reproduction. Cloning reduces genetic ...

Why Human Cloning Must Be Banned Now | The Center for ...


Apr 6, 2002 ... The bill does not ban scientifically and medically useful cloning ... this type of human cloning is also grossly unethical for at least three reasons.

Family Research Council -- Top 10 Reasons to Ban Human Cloning


Research cloning deliberately creates and destroys human life. ... including the principle that experiments should not be conducted on human beings when it is ...