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Should females be allowed to play football? | Debate.org


I can't find any real reason why females can't play football with males. ... Guys are all like, "No, girls shouldn't be allowed to play football because if they get hurt ...

Why Boys Shouldn't Play Football with Girls | Denny Burk


Nov 9, 2012 ... Why Boys Shouldn't Play Football with Girls. By Denny Burk .... No one is arguing that as the reason why they shouldn't be on the field together.

Girl Kicked Off Football Team Was Told She Might Distract Boys ...


Jul 12, 2013 ... Many a girl's dream of playing with the boys in rough-and-tumble ... he believed girls shouldn't play on boys' teams, and was concerned about ... Of course, not all girls are discouraged from playing "boys' sports" just because, ...

Girls playing with the Boys, and Boys playing with the Girls - Serendip


Jan 8, 2008 ... I agree with the first person because most girls are tough like boys! I want to play football but the coaches are against it! I also love wrestling to ...

Should girls be allowed to play football? - KillerMovies.com


Women playing football (US style) with men is the single most asinine thing ..... I really see no reason why a girl shouldn't be allowed to play any sport a boy can.

Should girls be allowed to play on boy's sports teams? | Fox News


Jun 27, 2013 ... CASSY BLYTHE: Don't kill a child's spirit just because you have the opportunity to do so. ... PERINO: Do you like the idea of young girls being able to play any ... they should play and I know that her mom said they shouldn't kill her spirit. ... PERINO: What do you know about football that -- you like a jer...

'I was told I shouldn't play football' - BBC.com


Jun 5, 2015 ... When I was a girl, I was told that I shouldn't play football. ... women who, for whatever reason, are missing out on all the good that sport can do.

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Reasons Why Girls Shouldn't Play Football&v=zXT1lH2zr3w
Jan 15, 2010 ... Why women shouldn't play football .... that doesnt mean we shouldnt play football . that girl is just to rough and doesnt follow rules. Read more.

Behind the News - 17/06/2008: AFL Girls - ABC


The AFL won't let them play in the under 15 competition because they're female. .... i think that girls shouldn't play football with boy coz every girls want to play ...

Should Girls Be Able to Play on Boys' Sports teams? | NextGen ...


May 19, 2014 ... Despite the fact that most people think that girls shouldn't be able to ... all strong and supported reasons to why they should be able to play on boys' teams. ... I sometimes play football with my friends and the boys at recess.

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Should girls play football with boys? | Debate.org


I'm a girl and right now I play soccer but i would rather play football. .... This is another reason why girls shouldn't play football because everyone say boys are an ...

Female Football Player Rights | Teen Opinion Essay on football and ...


I wrote this because I feel us women have just as much of a right to play football as men do. ... Yes, girls can play football in high school and some play recreationally, but .... By your logic, they shouldn't even play since there's such a minimal ...

Girls Can't Play Football - Girls Can't WHAT?


Please post the names and/or web sites of women who play football at any level. ..... Just because someone tells you something can't be done doesn't mean they are ..... I never said they shouldn't be able to try (just that they stood no chance of  ...