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Why we shouldn't legalize marijuana | The Daily Caller


Jul 19, 2012 ... Why we shouldn't legalize marijuana ... and retailers will refuse to produce or distribute the drug because of standing federal laws and the tort ...

4 More Reasons to Reject Legalizing Marijuana - The Christian Post


Jan 10, 2014 ... Part 1 of this series, 3 Reasons to Reject Legalizing Marijuana can be ... tell you that we already allow alcohol, so why shouldn't we allow pot?

Should marijuana be legalized? | Debate.org


Marijuana should be legalized because it improves students' lives. It should be ..... Legalization of Marijuana: Should it or Shouldn't it be Legalized? Marijuana is  ...

5 Reasons Marijuana Should Remain Illegal - John Hawkins


Jan 21, 2014 ... There's a reason pot was made illegal in the first place and quite frankly, the ... Legalizing weed has been a huge success there, right? .... like they need it then they shouldn't be smoking it but it is a drug and people do drugs.

5 Reasons Texas Should Decriminalize Marijuana, and One ...


Feb 5, 2016 ... 5 Reasons Texas Should Decriminalize Marijuana, and One Reason It Shouldn't ... There are plenty of good reasons to decriminalize marijuana, and only ... Decriminalization would be a welcome first step, but legalization ...

Marijuana shouldn't be legalized - The Mass Media: Opinions


Nov 6, 2013 ... Before getting into why marijuana should not be legalized, it would ... Marijuana shouldn't be grown commercially, as it will serve to demean the potency ... Because it is expected to be a bazillion-dollar industry, it's going to be ...

Why We Should Not Legalize Marijuana - CNBC.com


Apr 20, 2010 ... In the discussion of legalizing marijuana, a useful analogy can be made to ... There is a reason for this imbalance; they cannot come up with a ...

Marijuana Legalization Issues


Marijuana legalization will usher in America's new version of “Big Tobacco.” ... Because they are accessible and available, our legal drugs are used far more ... Marijuana has medicinal properties, but we shouldn't smoke the plant in order to.

9 Reasons We Should Never, Never, Never, Ever Legalize Marijuana


Aug 18, 2016 ... Marijuana legalization may seem like the cool thing to do, but facts are ... In the years since medicinal marijuana became legal in Colorado in ...

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Smoked Marijuana Does Not Meet the Standards of Modern Medicine ... from 200 -2008, states that have legalized marijuana under the guise of medicine have ...

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Pros & Cons of Legalizing Marijuana - Liberal Politics - About.com


Pros. (See page one of this article for current developments and milestones in U.S. marijuana history.) Primary reasons in support of legalizing marijuana are:.

Legalizing Marijuana Not Good for Kids: AAP Policy Explained ...


As legal decisions are made about marijuana, we need to think about the ... caregivers should not use marijuana around children, both for safety reasons ... The AAP Believes the Penalties for Using Marijuana Shouldn't Ruin a Child's Future.

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Apr 18, 2016 ... A drug user cannot make an informed and rational decision to continue using drugs because the use of the drug eliminates that user's ability to ...