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Oct 11, 2012 ... I often get comments asking about how much I enjoy sport, people wanting to chat ... All that got me thinking 'What are the reasons I like sport?


Jul 5, 2015 ... People who aren't as intrigued by sports as sports fans are ask all the time why we like sports as much as we do. There are plenty of reasons ...


Another reason to like sports is that the activity improves your quality of sleep ... Team sports also provide a natural social network and allow people new to a ...


A Reason to Scream. 1 of 25 ... "In sports, like in life, the worst team can beat the best. ... Last year alone people spent more than $2 billion on sports wagers.


When it comes to sports, people are divided. ... While it can seem like phones make us disconnected, RunKeeper shows a powerful way that technology can ...


8 Reasons Why People Love To Play Basketball ... Special sports gear, except for the ball and basket, is not even a requirement for a person to play ... Shooting is also easy to perform, although you need a lot of practice to hit it like the pros.


Sep 19, 2015 ... The good thing is that when you feel your body gets stronger, you may even start to like it. ... People often quit working out for a variety of reasons. ... There is no reason for you to join a gym just to exercise. ... More Cebu Sports.


In your details you were wonder ing why people cheer for non local teams. There are a number of reasons for this. 1) they moved. Some people adopt the local ...


Aug 8, 2013 ... And as a sports junkie, I want to know why. Like, actually why — as in, "Who cares if someone can hit a ball with a stick?" is not a real argument.