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Why Have Kids? | Focus on the Family


Timing Matters When Having Kids · Can We Afford a Baby? Getting On the ... To that end, here are four positive reasons why when it comes to starting a family: ...

Why Your Top 10 Reasons For Not Having Kids Are Stupid


Mar 15, 2016 ... For the umpteenth time: The hour glass of your fertility turns upside down at 30, and five years later it's all but drained. Do kids now.

Five reasons to have children | Life and style | The Guardian


Jan 23, 2015 ... However, after considering it more carefully, I have come up with some reasons/ rationalisations. If you are thinking of having children, but can't ...

11 Brutally Honest Reasons Why Millennials Don't Want Kids - Mic


Jul 30, 2015 ... Whether it's the medical costs of giving birth or the lifetime financial commitment that having a child entails, financial reasons were one of the ...

What are some good solid reasons to have children? - Quora


[tldr] Update: Upon reflection of my answer here's the simplification. Love. We all have special ... I think the best reasons for having kids are more abstract. Part of ...

Jacob Davenport » 20 Reasons Not to Have Children and 10 ...


20 Reasons Not to Have Children and 10 Reasons to Have Children ... Having a child means that your living space will need more cleaning than before, not ...

100+ Reasons to Have Children - Life in a Shoe


Jul 19, 2010 ... Lately I've come across several lists of reasons not to have children. ... Here are a few of the perks of having children, in no particular order.

50 reasons why it's fun to be a parent - BabyCentre


17 Having someone to leave the family heirlooms to, even if it's only your ... 46 Going to a kids' film and no longer being the only unaccompanied adult in the ...

9 reasons why not having kids is the best life choice I've ever made ...


Jul 13, 2015 ... Some feel their children are their greatest achievement. For a long time I thought mine was not having any.

Seven Reasons to Have Kids for Newlyweds - About.com


Analyze a list of good reasons for having children to see if you and your new spouse are ready to take the plunge into parenthood.

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To Have Kids or Not to Have Kids: Your Best Arguments - Lifehacker


Jul 25, 2014 ... We asked you the reasons behind your choice, and here are some of the ... For us, having kids was about dedicating our lives to raising them ...

6 Terrible Reasons for Anyone to Have A Child | Psychology Today


Dec 1, 2015 ... The reasons we decide to become parents can have far-reaching ... Whether having a child makes you happier than you might have been ...

10 Reasons Why I'm Not Having Kids - - The Joy Junkie


Reason #2: I believe we are way to versatile as humans to only be fulfilled through having a child. I get why people want kids… I truly do. I just never understood ...