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The Pawtucket Red Sox and the Rochester Red Wings, two teams from the Triple -A International League, played the longest game in professional baseball history . It lasted 33 innings, with 8 hours and 25 minutes of playing time. 32 innings were played April 18/19, 1981, at McCoy Stadium in Pawtucket, ... Williams went 0–for–13 in 15 plate appearances, one of many records ...


Extra innings is the extension of a baseball or softball game in order to break a tie . Ordinarily, a ... In postseason play, the limit for number of innings is extended to 15, and the last game is completely replayed if drawn, ... The record for the most innings ever played in a single professional game is 33 which occurred in a 1981  ...


Jun 11, 2013 ... The Toronto Blue Jays and Texas Rangers played 18 innings before the Blue Jays won, 4-3. ... Surely it set some sort of record for length of a game, right? ... And while no team wants to be on the losing end of such a long ...


Game length records, including longest baseball game and shortest baseball ... set the Major League record for most innings played in one day with thirty-two.


May 8, 2014 ... Baseball is a game bounded by numbers, numbers that over time have acquired .... I determined that 47.03 percent of extra innings played from 1990 ... but game records start getting spotty before 1958, with extra-inning data ...


Apr 14, 2015 ... While baseball has seen the average length of a 9-inning games get ... Contain personal phone numbers, addresses or other information that can ... Every player on the Sox' 25-man roster played except INF Brock ... For the Red Sox the game set a new record for the longest game in Red Sox history (prev.


Jul 1, 2016 ... Then no runs were score for the next 20 innings. ... Both struck out seven, and both hold the record for most innings pitched in a single game. ... games?), the Giants played a 23-inning game against the Mets at Shea Stadium.


Nov 8, 2012 ... To read more articles from the Fall 2012 "Baseball Research ... Set the major league record for consecutive innings played, having ... It was reported as 8,243 for 25 years, but no one had bothered to double-check the total.


Nov 20, 2012 ... And even if it was played, he didn't think he would be the starting pitcher. ... as no game in Major League Baseball history had ever lasted 25 innings. ... the 26- inning 1-1 tie was to go indelibly into the baseball record books.


Jun 24, 2006 ... "No, none of the players fell asleep," Hurst said. ... In the longest pro baseball game ever played, Marty Barrett scored the winning run for ... The previous pro baseball longevity record was 29 innings, on June 14, 1966, with ...