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Recovering from a c-section | BabyCenter


Find out how you'll feel after a cesarean delivery, whether you'll be in pain, how long it takes to recover, what your c-section scar may look like, and more.

C-Section: Tips for a Fast Recovery - Healthline


Jun 10, 2015 ... Recovering from a C-section can take six to eight weeks. Here are five things you can do for an easier recovery.

C-section recovery: What to expect - Mayo Clinic


If you're planning a cesarean delivery or you want to be prepared in case you need to have a C-section, you might have questions about the recovery process.

10+ Things No One Tells You About C-sections - The Bump


Find out what it's REALLY like to have a c-section -- before, during, and after.

C-Sections: Recovery, Risks, Benefits, Pain, and More - WebMD


Feb 2, 2010 ... Ellen Spencer, 40, of Hanson, Mass., is recovering from a cesarean section. With a 1-month old to take care of, and her older toddler underfoot, ...

Cesarean Section-What to Expect After C-Section - WebMD


After a routine cesarean section, expect to be monitored closely for the next 24 hours to make sure that you don't develop any problems. You will receive pain ...

Care and Recovery After a C-section - The Bump


Ways to ease and speed recovery after having a cesarean section procedure.

What to Expect while recovering from a c-section | Lucie's List


If you had a C-Section, you will have a little more mending to do. You will have had major abdominal surgery, which takes 6-8 weeks to fully recover.

C-section Recovery - What to Expect and Tips - C-Panty


Learn how you will feel after C-Section delivery. Facts about c-section recovery and how to speed healing and increase comfort after caesarean surgery.

Cesarean Section (C-Section) Birth and Delivery | What To Expect


One-third of pregnancies in the U.S. end in a C-section. Here's why surgical delivery might be necessary and what to expect during and after a cesarean section ...

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C-Section Recovery: Timeline and Tips - Parents


You may have been prepared for your Cesarean section, but do you know what to expect after? Our C-section recovery guide will help prep you for everything ...

13 ways to improve recovery after a C-section | Fox News


May 29, 2016 ... Most moms aren't thrilled with the idea of having a cesarean section because let's face it— it's serious surgery that carries a laundry list of risks.

Beyond The 'C' | Fit Pregnancy and Baby


Expert advice on recovering from a Cesarean section.