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What Are Two Dollar Bills Worth?
Two-dollar bills have been issued by the United States in one form or another since 1862 and still exist as Federal Reserve Notes, though they are not commonly circulated. As collectors' items, they have a wide variety of values depending on age,... More »
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I couldn't tell you off-hand, but red seals as a rule of thumb aren't worth that much. I have a red seal $2 bill from 1928 that cost me under four bucks, for example.


Red Seal Two Dollar Bills (1928 - 1963) - Values and Pricing Red seal two dollar bills can seem very exotic in a day when the current circulation rarely sees.


Series of 1953 Red Seal $2 Bill - Values and Pricing 1953 red print two dollar bills can be broke up into four different types by signature combination.


Series of 1963 Red Seal $2 Bill - Values and Pricing 1963 and 1963A red print two dollar bills are very common. Despite the difference between the A and ...


✯1928-1963 Two Dollar Note Red Seal ✯$2 Bill G-AU✯Old Paper Estate Lot ... RARE =1963 $2 Star* Two Dollar Bill Red Seal US Note >IN PROTECTIVE BILL  ...


Seal Type: 1953 $2 bills have a red seal on the right hand side of each bank note . ... Value: Two dollar bank notes from 1953 (all series) sell for about $8 in ...


This deuce has a large red seal on the left. 1928 was the first year that small sized notes like this were issued by the US government. President Thomas ...


1963 and 1963A red print two dollar bills are very common. Despite the difference between the A and non-A, both notes are equally common and worth the ...


Series 1953 Red Seal $2 Dollar U.S. Note Old Paper Money. +. 1928-G $2 United States Note -- Red Seal -- Good/VG. +. $2 Bill 22k Gold Layered. Total price: ...