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In tetrapod anatomy, lumbar is an adjective that means of or pertaining to the abdominal segment of the torso, between the diaphragm and the sacrum. The lumbar region is sometimes referred to as the lower spine, or as an area of the back ...


There may be several causes of pain in the lower back on the right side above the pelvic area. These causes may include a herniated disc, joint dysfunction, ...


Apr 14, 2017 ... The dorsal cavity is on the posterior (back side) of the body and contains .... relating to the femur or thigh; Inguinal — the groin or area in lower ...


Area of Pain Distribution. Sciatica Video. Referred pain is usually felt in the low back area and tends to radiate into the groin, ... Lower Back Pain Diagnosis.


The lower back has a lot more motion than the thoracic spine and also carries all the weight of the torso, making it the most frequently injured area of the spine.


Discover the best treatment approach to your Lower back and groin pain Lower back ... This type of groin pain is due to the hip referring pain into your groin. ... it often refers pain into the lower back area and this can result in buttocks pain also.


This page explains the causes of back pain from the kidneys and highlights what ... diagram showing kidney pain can be felt in the lower back and groin area.


So, in general anatomy, to refer to the back side, you would use dorsal but for humans you can use .... You can refer to a "posterior" area of the leg, for example. ... Technical Names for Body Halves – Upper and Lower ...


Many people suffer from lower back pain, and to make matters worse, back ... Also, a pinched nerve can not only cause pain to the entire area served by that ...


Lower back definition: the region of the back above the waist , often a locus of pain and back problems | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.