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A reflecting telescope (also called a reflector) is a telescope that uses a single or combination .... Because the primary mirror focuses light to a common point in front of its own reflecting ... of primary, and is popular with amateur telescope makers as a home-build project. ... They require a corrector for wide field applications.


But I believe they are more popular because for a given diameter they are much less expensive. An 8 inch reflector costs about $2000 but an 8 ...


Reflecting telescopes are popular because they're a more powerful than a refraction telescope b smaller than a refracting telescope c easier to build than a  ...


When you're ready to invest in a stargazing telescope, start by looking at the ... Because the mirror can be fixed onto a metal plate, reflecting telescopes can be ... the same advantages as a Newtonian reflector, plus they're much more compact.


Mar 2, 2015 ... The reflector telescope uses a mirror to gather and focus light. ... of the reflector type because of its advantages over the refractor telescope. ... Support for the objective mirror is all along the back side so they can be made very BIG! ... the Earth's surface use another lens to re-invert the image right-side up.


Apr 20, 1999 ... BUT, one problem with glass lenses is that, like prisms, they don't bend ... the lens in any other way, otherwise you'll block the light you're trying to collect. ... astronomers prefer reflecting telescopes because they can be made ...


Apr 16, 2014 ... Whether you're seriously considering buying your first telescope or just .... Dollar for dollar, a reflector is the best-value scope you can buy. ... types, but we'll skip them because they're rarely encountered in amateur hands), a Newtonian ... Like a Newtonian, the popular forms of compound telescopes have a ...


Contrary to popular opinion, Galileo did not invent the telescope. ... Spherical lenses are not very sharp because they smear the rays of light over a very small ... 1668--Newton produces the first successful reflecting telescope, using a two- inch diameter ... It would tarnish quickly and need re-polishing at least twice a year.


Jul 1, 2004 ... If you're familiar with telescope designs, you can skip to the section, "Things to ... Because the refractor is a closed-tube assembly, it can require a ... The first Cassegrain reflecting telescope was made in 1672 by the ... Why are Schmidt- Cassegrain telescopes more popular (by far) than Ritchey-Chrétiens?