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The Newtonian telescope is a type of reflecting telescope invented by the British scientist Sir ... The Newtonian telescope's simple design makes it very popular with amateur ... Newton built hi...

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Best Answer: Reflecting telescopes provide a good focus, where a refracting ... But I believe they are more popular because for a given diameter they are much ...

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Jun 2, 2015 ... These are multiple choice questions about Mirrors, Lenses, Telescopes and Microscopes. They also deal with defects of human eye like ...

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Jun 3, 2008 ... Reflecting telescopes are popular because they're. A. more powerful than ... C. easier to build than a refracting telescope. D. more durable than ...

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When you're ready to invest in a stargazing telescope, start by looking at the ... Because the mirror can be fixed onto a metal plate, reflecting telescopes can be ... the same advantages as a Newtonian reflector, plus they're much more compact.

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Apr 16, 2014 ... Whether you're seriously considering buying your first telescope or just .... Dollar for dollar, a reflector is the best-value scope you can buy. ... types, but we'll skip them because they're rarely encountered in amateur hands), a Newtonian ... Like a Newtonian, the popular forms of compound telescopes hav...

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Mar 2, 2015 ... The reflector telescope uses a mirror to gather and focus light. ... amateur ones are of the reflector type because of its advantages over the refractor telescope. ... Support for the objective mirror is all along the back side so they can be made very BIG! ... Two famous reflector telescopes are shown below.

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Jan 12, 2001 ... Modern reflecting telescopes use a parabolically shaped primary mirror ... Mirrors are easier to support because they can be supported on the ...

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A persistent problem from the beginning of reflector telescopes was that the mirrors .... Let's say you're considering buying a 12" f/5 or a 12" f/15 Dobsonian. ..... that need to be mentioned, mainly because they are growing in popularity as they ...

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Using multiple mirrors to focus light into an eyepiece, reflecting telescopes are an ... Popular Categories .... There are a number of advantages to using a reflecting telescope, as they're more cost ... When you buy a reflecting telescope from OpticsPlanet you can be sure you'll get quality, because we have the top brands.

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Reflecting telescopes are popular because they're? A.more powerful than a refracting telescope. B.smaller than a refracting telescope. C.easier to build than a ...

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Reflecting telescopes are popular because they are? ... How much a reflecting telescope will cost depends on the features that you want, and the brand that you  ...

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His telescope did not suffer from chromatic aberration because mirrors reflect light; they do ... The mirrors would quickly tarnish and need to be re-polished several times a year. ... Newton made three reflecting telescopes but they were not used much. ... This is when reflecting telescopes became more popular because high ...