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Religion and abortion - Wikipedia


Many religious traditions have taken a stance on abortion, and these stances span a broad .... In Judaism, views on abortion draw primarily upon the legal and ethical teachings of the Hebrew Bible, ...

Religious Views on Abortion - SPUC


Religious Views on Abortion. Abortion itself is not a religious issue, as you do not need to believe in God in order to believe in universal human rights.

Religious Groups' Official Positions on Abortion | Pew Research Center


Jan 16, 2013 ... A breakdown of 17 major religious groups' views on the issue of abortion.

Abortion: Whose Religious Beliefs Should Prevail? | Huffington Post


Jul 16, 2014 ... Here, I'll look at only five of those religions, starting with the Abrahamic religions, ... Islam's views on abortion are similar to those of Judaism.

What Does the Bible Say About Abortion?


How should I treat someone who disagrees with my beliefs about abortion? ... clear support from medical science, the Bible, religious tradition or legal tradition.

Where major religious groups stand on abortion | Pew Research ...


Jun 21, 2016 ... There are several religious groups that have no public position on abortion. For instance, in Islam, which lacks a single organizational authority, ...

Current abortion beliefs of religious groups - Religious tolerance


Aug 1, 2007 ... A diversity of views exists within the U.S. and Canada concerning abortion access. Many pro-life and pro-choice groups have been organized ...

Hillary Clinton: 'Religious beliefs' against abortion 'have to be ...


Apr 24, 2015 ... Pro-abortion 'laws have to be backed up with resources, and political will,' she said.

Make Christians Change Their Religious Views to Support Abortion


Aug 8, 2016 ... In a speech last year, Hillary Clinton lamented that too many women are supposedly denied abortions. The Democratic presidential candidate ...

Force Christians to Change Their Religious Views to Support Abortion


Apr 27, 2015 ... The comment has Hillary Clinton essentially saying that Christians must be forced to change their religious views to accommodate abortions.

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BBC - Ethics - Abortion: Religion and abortion


Find out what position the major world religions take on abortion.

US Religious Views on Abortion - Abortion - ProCon.org


Apr 4, 2011 ... 35,000 US adults were asked to identify their religious affiliation (if any) and to answer the question: "Do you think abortion should be legal in ...

Religious Beliefs, Abortion, and the Law - Priests for Life


Religious Beliefs, Abortion, and the Law. Rev. Frank A. Pavone. In the many discussions I have with those who perform abortions, a very predictable pattern ...