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Smell Treatments
Many smell disorders cannot be treated. Loss of smell that is caused by aging cannot be treated.Temporary smell disorders that are caused by nasal congestion, usually the result of allergies or a cold, usually go away on their own. Antihistamines, nasal...
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Jun 6, 2017 ... Tomato juice isn't the only (or best) old-time remedy to get rid of skunk odor from a dog. Use these common ingredients to avoid the stink of skunk!


Apr 11, 2012 ... If you are sprayed by a skunk, how do you get rid of the smell? ... skunk-soaked clothes and bathroom in a variety of home remedies, followed ...


Mar 10, 2016 ... For removing Skunk Odor, you can use the following 16 effective home remedies with safety.


Sep 9, 2017 ... You may have heard of using tomato juice or vinegar to neutralize the stench of skunk spray. But these just cover up the odor; they don't get rid ...


Over-the-counter products (such as Nature's Miracle Skunk Odor Remover) are a quick ... baking soda, and liquid soap on hand, use vinegar diluted with water.


Skunked dog? Dogs will often be sprayed in the face, so start there and flush out any skunk spray residue that may have gotten in his eyes, nose or mouth.


How to Get Rid of Skunk Smell from Dogs - Odor Removal. ... of buying hydrogen peroxide at your local drug store, then a 2% vinegar solution will help a bit.


Nov 12, 2010 ... Many people think that tomato juice is the best way to remove skunk odor. In fact, many experts have tested this home remedy and found that ...


May 1, 2013 ... But quick action is; that smell settles in over time, and it won't ... There are several home remedies, and thanks to the "MythBusters" show on ...