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If you're wondering how to remove a relaxer from your hair, there's only one surefire way. You really can't strip a relaxer from black hair.

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If your hair is currently relaxed and you want to return it to its natural texture, you might wonder if there's a quick and painless way to remove the relaxer. In fact ...

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Jan 28, 2009 ... Stripping a relaxer from hair is not possible, as relaxers are a permanent chemical treatment, so relaxed hair needs to be cut off or grown out to ...
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Nov 1, 2010 ... BUY NOW!!!!! www.hairthermalizer.net 8 months without a relaxer; This is a easier way to grow your hair out naturally.
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Sep 14, 2012 ... How I Strip Then Put Back The Moisture In My Natural Hair. ... the moisture of of their hair, when in fact it mandatory, i feel to remove all hair build up to maintain happy healthy hair, ... My Hair Story: RELAXER GONE WRONG!

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There are different methods to remove permanent chemicals from the hair. Some of these ... How to Take Out a Perm · Getting Rid of a Perm · Hair Perm Styles · Hair Perm Techniques · Remove a Hair Relaxer · Scalp Burn from Chemical ...

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Oct 18, 2010 ... Try going three years without a relaxer and see what your hair looks like ..... pillow cases/hair wraps, because that gunk was h*ll to get out of the ...

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Remove Locks, Remove Dreadlocks, Take Down Braids, How to unlock hair ... Relaxers are not designed to penetrate through clumps of matted or tangled hair.

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Includes: • Caring for relaxed hair • Washing regimen for relaxed hair • The importance of relaxed hair care. ... If you are ever unsure about when or how to wash your hair after a relaxer, you should ... This will detangle and remove any knots.

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Harsh chemical hair relaxers alter the protein structure of hair shafts and can cause ... in the preparation, timing, and complete rinse and removal of the chemical.

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The egg conditioner stripped the relaxer that was in my hair and it also stripped ... This will help remove surface residue from the hair and should help your hair ...

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Feb 4, 2014 ... Growing out hair from a relaxer, or transitioning, may be tricky because ... you are simply removing damaged ends that can hamper hair growth.

How to Go from Relaxed Hair to Natural: 14 Steps


Although it may seem like a given, you should be avoiding all relaxers and perms when trying to transition your hair. In addition, stay away from hair dyes and ...