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Feb 24, 2013 ... This video goes over the details of removing window tint on a rear glass that has defrosters with a steamer. www.windowtintsupplies.com.
Dec 27, 2014 ... I ripped crappy tint off a window with defroster lines years ago no problems. I removed tint from a rear window w/o defroster lines easily with ...
Nov 6, 2013 ... This video shows how to remove very old window tint with aircraft ... lets you avoid damaging the rear defroster while removing the window tint.


Since the tint is applied with removable adhesive, you can easily remove it, ... ... Learn how to remove tint from a car without damaging the rear defroster.


Nov 24, 2014 ... The PO tinted the windows long ago, and now it's bubbling/cracking. It needs to go, so I cleaned most of the glass with a combination of Windex ...


On rear window equipped with defroster lines the standard method of using a 1” ... the rear window re-tinted be sure to remove all the old adhesive from the rear ...


Removing tint & stickers from car windows So easy you'll slap yo' mamma! ... rear window without any fear of messing up your rear defroster or antenna lines.


I bought a $49 car window tint coupon from Groupon for 3 windows. I planned to remove the existing tints and install new tints for 2 side windows and rear ...


If you attempt to remove the window tint simply by peeling, you'll probably end up with .... There is a chance you'll permanently damage defroster lines in the rear ...