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The Republican Party, commonly referred to as the GOP is one of the two major contemporary .... "Free labor" referred to the Republican opposition to slave labor and belief in independent artisans and businessmen. "Free land" referred to ...


Apr 7, 2013 ... Learn what the Republican Party Beliefs are. And check out how the Republican Party's beliefs have changed over time.


Apr 11, 2014 ... To start the article we list out the definition of a Republican, then we cover the Republican Party's core beliefs, then we list out the Republican ...


Therefore the beliefs and views of both parties have to impact the whole of American politics. The following is taken from the 1995 Republican Party's history of ...


Jul 18, 2016 ... Today delegates to the Republican National Convention adopted the official 2016 Platform of the party. The Platform declares the Party's ...


The Republican Party is fighting for a freer and stronger America where everyone has the opportunity to achieve the American Dream.


... the Republican Party has defined itself as the protector of individual freedom. Today ... A Belief in Smaller Government: To preserve the sanctity of liberty of the  ...


The Democratic Party traces its origins to the ... the Democrat – Republican party by Thomas ...


Comparison between Democrats and Republicans Democrats Philosophy Liberal, ... There is greater overall support in the Democratic party for a moratorium on ... there is a fundamental difference in the belief of the role of the government.


As the GOP strategically maneuvers itself into position to win the 2016 presidential ... With this in mind, let's take a look at the Republican Party's core beliefs.