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A retainer agreement is a work for hire contract. It falls between a one-time contract and full-time employment. Its distinguishing feature is that the employer pays ...


This is a retainer agreement for design services, but can be adapted to any kind of services. Original can be found at: ...


Just as a traditional freelance contract may go awry from a deadbeat client refusing to pay, having a poorly planned retainer agreement can result in getting  ...


Well-written retainer agreements can help minimize risk of misunderstandings in attorney-client relationships and pro- vide protections for attorneys and clients.


The contract you sign with your bankruptcy lawyer is called a bankruptcy retainer agreement.


Use this free retainer agreement template as a sample to hammer out the details for a work for hire.


Learn how to create, price, and package profitable retainer agreements with your clients in this in-depth guide.


You express interest in hiring the lawyer. The lawyer promises to send you a “ retainer agreement” which will govern the terms of the attorney/client relationship  ...


obligations under this Agreement. 3. RETAINER/PAYMENT. Client will pay a retainer to Consultant for the Services in the amount of $______ This fee shall be  ...


I even have one client who often pays the retainer fee before I've even invoiced ... consulting”, some of which are just highly structured retainer agreements.) ...