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Retainer (orthodontics)


Orthodontic retainers are custom-made devices, usually made of wires or clear plastic, that hold teeth in position after surgery or any method of realigning teeth.

Retainers for Teeth: Why Wear Them and How to Keep Them Safe


Although retainers for teeth are most commonly used to hold straight teeth in place after braces, the advantages go well beyond that. Here are a few:

The Reality of Retainers - KidsHealth


Retainers are really common. In fact, most kids have to wear a retainer for at least a little while after getting their braces taken off. Find out more.

Dental Braces and Retainers: Types, Care, What to Expect - WebMD


In some cases, a removable retainer will be all that's necessary. In other rare cases (especially when there is an extreme overbite or underbite), surgery may be ...

What Is A Retainer - Theresa Shaver Orthodontics


When you wear your retainers, certain teeth may feel pressure and might even feel sore once in a while. If you experience this temporary discomfort, don't worry  ...

Vivera Retainers | Clear Retainers | Invisalign


Invisalign clear retainers, Vivera retainers, are a great way to hold your teeth in place after braces so you retain the smile you worked so hard for!

The Importance of Orthodontic Retainers - Dear Doctor


Retainers keep teeth from moving back into the position from which they started and, quite literally, these devices retain the teeth in their new position.

Retainer | Definition of Retainer by Merriam-Webster


1 a : a person attached or owing service to a household; especially : servant b : employee. 2 : one that retains. 3 : a device or structure that holds something in ...

Types of retainers- Essix Hawley Permanent / Compared / Photos


During this phase (which, at least in theory, can last the remainder of your life), you will be required to wear some type of dental retainers. This is true no matter ...

Retainer | Define Retainer at Dictionary.com


Retainer definition, a person or thing that retains. See more.

a person or thing that retains.
a servant or attendant who has served a family for many years.
Machinery. a ring separating, and moving with, balls or rollers in a bearing.
Source: Dictionary.com
retainer | Define retainer at Dictionary.com
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