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Right-handedness is most common. Right-handed people are more skillful with their right hands when performing tasks. Studies suggest that 70–90% of the ...

Facts About Left Handed People vs. Right Handed People | eHow

Facts About Left Handed People vs. Right Handed People. Generally speaking, left-handed people are those who are most comfortable and most inclined to use  ...

12 Little-Known Facts About Left-Handers - Everyday Health

Sure, lefties make up about 10 percent of the population — but, frankly, it seems like society has forgotten about them. Just condsider all of the right-handed ...

Life's Extremes: Left- vs. Right-Handed | Ambidexterity ... - LiveScience

Nov 13, 2011 ... Scientists still aren't sure what causes handedness and why nine out of 10 people are right-handed, with just a small percentage being ...
The relationship between twinning and hand preference is really interesting. Scientists often research twins in an attempt to figure out why people are right handed or left handed, yet the more they study, they more they're stymied! Take the Parents Poll and play you... More »
By Pamela Prindle Fierro, Guide

BBC - Future - Evolution: Why are most of us right-handed?

Dec 16, 2014 ... Right-handed people are dominant worldwide – but why? Jason G Goldman investigates.

13 Facts About Left Handed People That You Didn't Know - brainjet ...

Left-handed people make up 10-12% of the population, but we live in a right handed world. Most gadgets, office supplies, cooking supplies, and various other  ...

Why Are So Many People Right-Handed? Genetic Research May ...

Sep 23, 2013 ... A group of researchers may have found a new set of genes that help to explain why people are usually right-handed. Image courtesy of ...

Lefty or righty? Here are some astonishing statistics on the effect of ...

Dec 5, 2014 ... Our brains are cross-wired meaning the left hemisphere controls the right handed side of the body and vice-versa. So left handers can boast ...

Right, Left, Right, Wrong! - Handedness Statistics

Indeed, it is perhaps a testament to the tenacity and persistence of left- handedness that there are still any left-handers at all in Eastern cultures like Korea and ...

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Q: What is the percentage of right handed people?
A: 90% of the population is right handed. Read More »
Q: Who are famous right handed people
A: A variety of studies suggest that 70% to 90% of the world populatio... ...MORE... Read More »
Q: Right handed people are?
A: the majority Read More »
Q: Do right handed people....?
A: i chew on both sides but more so on my right and im left handed good question Source(s): ate a kiss to test Read More »
Q: Are right handed people privileged?
A: Absolutely. We need laws which prevent right-handed people from oppressing us. I'm sure the democrats will come up with a solution. Read More »