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Failure of the left side of the heart causes blood to back up (be congested) into the lungs, causing respiratory symptoms as well ...

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Sep 23, 2016 ... Right-sided or right ventricular (RV) heart failure usually occurs as a result of left- sided failure. When the left ventricle fails, increased fluid ...

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Sep 23, 2008 ... Right-sided heart failure occurs in about 1 in 20 people. Coronary artery disease is the most common cause of heart failure in the United States, ...

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Heart failure can involve the left side (left ventricle), right side (right ventricle) or both sides of your heart. Generally, heart failure begins with the left side, ...

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Learn the different types of heart failure: left-sided heart failure, right-sided heart failure and congestive heart failure.

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History; Physical Examination; Predominant Right-Sided Heart Failure; Heart Failure in Children; Heart Failure Criteria, Classification, and Staging; ACC/AHA  ...

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Information on Right-Sided Heart Failure. Includes topic overview and related information.

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Oct 23, 2006 ... The Right Ventricle in Left-Sided Heart Failure. The hypothesis that enlargement of the left ventricle could affect function of the right ventricle ...

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Swollen ankles or legs, known as peripheral edema, may be a result of right- sided heart failure since fluid cannot be pumped to the lungs at an efficient rate.

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If the left side of your heart is not working properly (left-sided heart failure), blood and fluid back up into your lungs. You will feel short of breath, be very tired, and ...

Heart Failure
Right-side heart failure occurs when the right ventricle can't properly pump blood to your lungs to collect oxygen. Excessive fatigue, shortness of breath and abdominal bloating are signs. More »
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Right-sided heart failure means that the right side of the heart is not pumping blood to the lungs as well as normal. What happens to the heart? Most people ...

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Right-sided CHF is when the right ventricle has difficulty pumping blood to your lungs. Blood backs up in your blood vessels, which causes fluid retention in your  ...

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Jun 9, 2015 ... Left-sided heart failure happens when the left ventricle can't push blood out to the body as well. The right side tries to compensate and ...