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Ringed Seal
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora Family: Phocidae Genus: Phoca
Species: Phoca hispida
The Ringed Seal is an earless seal inhabiting the Arctic coasts. Typical adults are 85 to 160 cm long and 40 to 90 kg. They are quite long-lived seals, up to 35 years. The populations living in different areas have evolved to... More »
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Ringed seal


The ringed seal (Pusa hispida or Phoca hispida), also known as the jar seal and as netsik or nattiq by the Inuit, is an earless seal (family: Phocidae) inhabiting ...

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Learn all you wanted to know about ringed seals with pictures, videos, photos, facts, and news from National Geographic.

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Dec 10, 2014 ... Ringed Seal (Phoca hispida). Status | Taxonomy | Species Description | Habitat | Distribution | Population Trends | Threats | Conservation ...

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Arctic Ringed Seal - LEAST CONCERN;. Baltic Sea Ringed Seal - VULNERABLE ;. Lake Ladoga Ringed Seal - VULNERABLE;. Lake Saimaa Ringed Sea ...

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Ringed seals are found mainly in or near ice-covered areas, they do not spend much of their lives in the open ocean. The ice provides protection from some ...

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Ringed seals are facing an increasingly dire outlook from global warming due to decreasing sea ice, diminishing snowfall and earlier snow melt.

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Find out what's known about Ringed Seals, Pusa hispida, Mammalia, Carnivora, Phocidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding behaviors, life ...

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The smallest of all living seal species, growing to a maximum length of just over 1.5 metres, the ringed seal (Pusa hispida) is named for the conspicuous ...

Pusa hispida (Fjord Seal, Jar Seal, Ringed Seal)


The world-wide population size of arctic ringed seals is not accurately known. Citing many factors such as the vast geographic area occupied by the species, ...

Popular Q&A
Q: What are ringed seals good at?
A: They are excellent swimmers, and are good at procuring fish, which constitutes the bulk of their diet. Read More »
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Q: What Is a Toilet Wax Ring Seal?
A: The wax ring is a doughnut-shaped piece of wax that goes between the drains at the bottom of a toilet bowl and in the floor. A wax ring may have a plastic sleev... Read More »
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Q: What do ringed seals eat?
A: Ringed seals eat invertebrates and fish like cod, squid, shrimp, and crustaceans. Read More »
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Q: What are the characteristics of the ringed seals birthing lair?
A: Dear Nikki Thank you for your question. There are relatively few people working in the Arctic, which covers a large area. The scientists who have been working o... Read More »
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Q: Is there such an animal as the ring seal?
A: The most common seals in the Arctic, ringed seals make their home throughout... Read More »
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