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Mosquito Ringtones - Download the Mosquito Ring Tone Free


Download free mosquito ringtones, the ultrasonic ringtone also called Teen Buzz that adults can not hear. ... The Ultrasonic Ring tone ADULTS CAN'T HEAR!

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Aug 3, 2009 ... The same medicial condition that makes The Mosquito work also allows teens to hear this ultra sonic ringtone when adults are unable to hear it.

Ultrasonic Ringtones - the new ringtones that only kids can hear!


This means that they can only be heard by kids and generally can't be heard by adults over the age over 20 or so. See this article at the BBC to find out more. Can I hear these ultrasonic ringtones? Find out just how far your ears can hear into the range of ultrasonic ringtones. Pretty much ... Download to Phone/PC. -, 10kHz ....

Mosquito Ringtone - Audio and Sound


Download mosquito ringtones only audible to teenagers. ... Mosquito ringtones emit high-frequency tones that are inaudible by adults but can be heard by teenagers. ... 14 khz, and really drops from 19 to 21khz, and I can't hear the 22khz at all.

Mosquito Ring Tones - The Ringtone Adults Cant hear - Free ...


The Mosquito Ringtone is a ringtone that is inaudible to adults due to a condition known as presbycusis. ... in class because most teachers will not be able to hear the high frequency ring tones. ... Age to Hear Tone, Play / Download Tone ...

Teens Turn 'Repeller' into Adult-Proof Ringtone : NPR


May 26, 2006 ... But now, teens are using the high-pitch frequency that most adults can't hear as a text message alert while they're in ... Click above to download. ... At issue is a text -message ringtone that emits the same pitch as the Mosquito.

Adults can't hear new ringtone | Mobile | Geek.com


My teacher can still hear the ringtone, maybe his hearing is superhuman. – by Gary ... How old do you have to be before you can't here this sound? .... You can download it right to your cell phone here WWW.chpcell.com – by Gary ...

Silent Teen Buzz Ultrasonic Ringtones and the Mosquito Tone


Check whether you can hear these high-frequency Teen Buzz ringtones, ... will be inaudible to many adults over age 20, and to most adults over the age of 30. ... Note: If your browser doesn't load the tones, click here to download and ... If you can't hear the 14.4-kHz tone, try playing it simultaneously with this 15-kHz tone.

Stealth Tone on the App Store - iTunes - Apple


Jul 20, 2010 ... Download Stealth Tone and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ... That's why some kids CAN'T hear it and why some adults CAN.

A ring tone many adults can't hear - CNET


Jun 13, 2006 ... Several young students have caught on to a recent trend: a ring tone that only they can hear and most adults can't. Dubbed the Mosquito, the ...

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Q: Where can i download a high pitched ringtone that adults cant hea...
A: You can get a Mosquito Ringtone that most peo Read More »
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Q: Where can I get the ringtone download adults cannot hear because ...
A: heres the site to buy it or listen to it www.katazo.com/mosquito-tone/ the grown ups that are over 30 listend to a fake one Read More »
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Q: Why can't adults hear high frequency ring-tones?
A: because their ears are more developed. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: Why can't adults hear high frequency ring-tones?
A: Answer because their ears are more developed. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: The ringtone adults cant hear but teenagers can.. what is it?
A: Your hearing fades over time, so certain frequencies of sound can't be heard. If you've ever taken a hearing test and you missed a sound it's the same thing. Th... Read More »
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