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Decreased glucocerebrosidase activity in Gaucher disease parallels ...


Nov 22, 2010 ... Sidransky et al. reported that the five most common GCase mutations ... with either type 1 or type 3 GD, Koprivica et al. found an inconsistent ..... the 2D protein separation by Multiphor II Flated System at 700 V (32). ... Lachmann RH, Grant IR, Halsall D, Cox TM. ... Amato D, Stachiw T, Clarke JT, Rivard GE.

Optimization of cytarabine (ARA-C) therapy for acute myeloid leukemia


Aug 6, 2013 ... Journal List · Exp Hematol Oncol · v.2; 2013; PMC3750587. Logo of exhemaoncol ..... [PubMed]; Herzig RH, Wolff SN, Lazarus HM. et al. High-dose ... [PubMed]; Raynal NJ, Momparler LF, Rivard GE. et al. 3-Deazauridine ... [ PubMed] [Cross Ref]; Lachmann N, Brennig S, Phaltane R. et al. Myeloprotection  .....

2012 Civil Opinions - US District Court, Eastern District of ...


2012-0070, Stephen L. Lafrance Holding Inc. v. National Milk ..... The City of Philadelphia, et al. 06/29/ .... Lachman, 06/05/2013. 2012- ..... 2012-4642, Rivard v.

A Review of Stress Ulcer Prophylaxis


Van der Voort PHJ, Van der Hulst RWM, Zandstra DF, et al. .... Lachman L, Howden CW. ... Lacroix J, Infante-Rivard C, Jenicek M, et al. .... of continuous I.V. ranitidine vs. omeprazole suspension in the prophylaxis of stress ulcer prophylaxis.

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Lapointe and Rivard, 2005; Sarker, Sarker, and Sidorova, 2006). ... contingency as a theoretical framework (Hickson et al., 1971; Hinings et al., 1974; .... Empirical testing has produced mixed results supporting this idea (Cohen and Lachman, ...... Agarwal, R., Sambamurthy, V. and Stair, R.M. (2000) 'Research report: The ...

Defense Mechanisms Involved in Disease Resistance of Grafted ...


Thus, few resistant tomato cultivars are commercially available (King et al., 2010). ... in controlling RKN in fields naturally infested with RKN (Rivard et al., 2010). ..... In response to V. dahliae infection, shoots and roots of grafted eggplant had ..... L. ,; Ryu, K.H.,; Min, B.E.,; Pearlsman, M.,; Lachman, O.,; Gaba, V.,; Wang, Y.

Screening for sleep‐related breathing disorders by transthoracic ...


Nov 17, 2006 ... OSAS leads to a rise in blood pressure (Davies et al., 2000), which is reversed by OSAS .... (a) TTIR versus polysomnography (PSG) during in-laboratory sleep study; ..... Esnaola, S., Duran, J., Infante-Rivard, C., Rubio, R. and Fernandez, .... Kunst, P. W., Vazquez, DA., Bohm, S. H., Faes, T. J., Lachmann, B., ...

Thérapie comportementale et cognitive - Collège Ahuntsic


Tableau blanc : Technologie de l'information et de la communication (TIC). ..... When paying attention becomes counterproductive: Impact of divided versus ..... SNPs explain a large proportion of the heritability for human height” by Yang et al .

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ganizations in general (e.g., Banker et al. 1990 ... Lachman et al. 1994 .... Lapointe and Rivard 2005) and the way in which cus- ..... post-implementation ( T1 vs.

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Nov 3, 2014 ... Alicja Markuszewska-Kuczynska et al. ©Polish Society for ..... Lachmann RH, Grant IR, Halsall D, Cox TM. Twin pairs ... Amato D, Stachiw T, Clarke JTR, Rivard GE. Gaucher dise- .... Da Silva V, Vassella F, Bischoff A et al.

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