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Roberts v Tishman Speyer Props., L.P. (2009 NY Slip Op 07480)


Oct 22, 2009 ... Amy L. Roberts et al., on Behalf of Themselves and All Others Similarly Situated, Respondents, v. Tishman Speyer Properties, L.P., et al., ...

Roberts v. Matsuda et al. | Michel & Associates, P.C.


Filing Date, Filing Party, Document Description. 2/27/15, Defendants, Torrance Police Dept. Inter-Departmental Correspondence. 1/9/15, Court, Order Re Notice  ...

In vitro and in vivo estrogenicity of UV screens.


Journal List · Environ Health Perspect · v.109(3); 2001 Mar; PMC1240241 ... of six chemicals, that is, benzophenone-3 (Bp-3), homosalate (HMS), 4-methyl- benzylidene camphor ... Luther H, Gentiloni-Silverj F, Zantedeschi E, Mezzetti M, Monjaud I, Andry M, et al. ... [PubMed]; Jiang R, Roberts MS, Collins DM, Benson HA.

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Oct 13, 2016 ... as role throughout all stages of camphor-dependent growth, whereas Fred, .... Kd value as fully described previously by Valton et al. ..... redox potential flavin coenzyme (midpoint E◦ = −0.28 V at pH 7.6; [40]) generated within PdR by ..... Gagnon, R.; Grogan, G.; Roberts, S.M.; Villa, R.; Willetts, A. Enzymatic ....

The 2-Å Crystal Structure of 6-Oxo Camphor Hydrolase


Jan 17, 2003 ... 6-Oxo camphor hydrolase (OCH) is an enzyme of the crotonase superfamily ... via aretro-Claisen reaction (Grogan, G., Roberts, G. A., Bougioukou, D., ... v, alcohol dehydrogenase;vi, β-diketone hydrolase (6-oxo camphor hydrolase). ...... Christopher J. Schofield et al., Journal of Biological Chemistry , 2004.

"IR Studies of Substrate Binding to Cytochrome P450 BM3 ...


Gordon C. K. Roberts*,*,SJ ... which catalyzes the 5-exo-hydroxylation of camphor (Poulos et al. ... substrate binding to P450 cam is available [e.g., Poulos et al. .... 1: :::;/. Biochemistry, Vol. 34, No. 28,1995 8985 h. - ' V 8.0 1o4j. aJ. E ,a e .,.

The responsiveness and validity of the CAMPHOR Utility Index ...


CAMPHOR subscales and utility were as responsive as the 6MWT (effect sizes ranged 0.31–0.69 for ..... The scores obtained using the EQ-5D in the study of McKenna et al. ... McGoon M, Gutterman D, Steen V, et al. .... Brazier J, Roberts J, Deverill M. The estimation of a preference-based measure of health from the SF- 36.

Interaction of Polycyclic Musks and UV Filters with the Estrogen ...


Nov 10, 2004 ... ... 3-benzylidene camphor (3-BC), and five polycyclic musk fragrances (Tonalide ®, .... Consistent with previous data in 293HEK cells (Schreurs et al., 2002b), none of the .... Interaction of UV filters with the AR has only been found by Ma et al. .... Hayden, C. G. J., Roberts, M. S., and Benson, H. A. E. (1997).

Camphor Pathway Redux: Functional Recombinant Expression of 2,5


In the history of Pseudomonas genetics, camphor (CAM) metabolism by .... Recombinant techniques were carried out according to Sambrook et al. (41). ... camS, -T, -U, and -V are potential transcriptional regulators; camV is a close homolog of camR. ...... Gagnon R,; Grogan G,; Levitt MS,; Roberts SM,; Wan PWH ,; Willetts AJ.

Cloning, Baeyer-Villiger Biooxidations, and Structures of the ...


Catabolic steps of conversion of camphor isomers to acetyl-CoA and isobutyryl- CoA .... of OTEMO from the native PpCam strain reported previously by Ougham et al. ...... Alphand V,; Furstoss R,; Pedragosa-Moreau S,; Roberts SM,; Willetts AJ .

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Roberts v. Sea-Land Services | Oyez


Jan 11, 2012 ... Roberts v. ... Sea-Land Services, Inc., et al. ... On February 24, 2002, Dana Roberts slipped on a patch of ice while working as a gatehouse ...

Development of a Tightly Controlled Off Switch for Saccharomyces ...


Jul 22, 2015 ... The switch, named the Camphor-Off switch, activates expression of a ... two types of regulated promoters available in the yeast (Maya et al. .... Carlsbad, CA) were run at 80 V for 10 min followed by 120 V for 2 hr. ..... [PMC free article] [PubMed]; Kalderon D., Roberts B. L., Richardson W. D., Smith A. E., 1984.

Camphor-grown Pseudomonas putida, a multifunctional biocatalyst ...


Cite this article as: Grogan, G., Roberts, S., Wan, P. et al. ... biotransformations are present to different extents throughout the growth of Pseudomonas putida NCIMB 10007 on (+)-camphor. ... Alphand, V., Archelas, A. and Furstoss, R. ( 1990).