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Public Service Board et al. v. Dionne et al. - SCC Cases (Lexum)


Supreme Court of Canada. Public Service Board et al. v. Dionne et al., [1978] 2 S.C.R. 191. Date: 1977-11-30. The Public Service Board, the Minister of ...

Animals devoid of pulmonary system as infection models in the ...


Feb 4, 2015 ... In healthy humans, this system is practically absent (Hyde et al., 2009). ..... a widespread tissue damage, even at significant low bacterial doses (Dionne et al., 2003). ... A literature survey about acute vs. chronic P. aeruginosa lung ... Wilmott et al., 2000) and virulence factors (Rodríguez-Rojas et al., 2009).

Cross-cultural adaptation of the delphi definitions of low back pain ...


Nov 25, 2014 ... Forward-Backward-Translation method (adapted from Beaton et al. ..... Clermont E Dionne, Email: ac.lavalu.pseru@ennoid.tnomrelc. ... Exner V, Keel P. Measuring disability of patients with low-back pain - validation of a .... Sarquis LM , Harari F, Freire R, Harari N, Monroy MV, Quintana LA, Rojas M, et al.

Characterization of Atypical Preeclampsia - Karger


Feb 18, 2015 ... José Luis Rojas-Arias a Luz Dary Ortiz-López a Wilson Jahir Orduña-Aparicio a. Camilo Alberto Quintero-Loaiza a ...... 32 Sibiude J, Guibourdenche J, Dionne MD, et al: ... 36 Perni U, Sison C, Sharma V, et al: Angiogenic.

Order List - Supreme Court of the United States


Oct 1, 2012 ... consideration in light of Dorsey v. United States, 567 U.S.. ___ (2012). 11-1491. SIBLEY, MONTGOMERY B. V. USSC, ET AL. Because the ...

Neisserial PorB is translocated to the mitochondria of HeLa cells ...


Feb 7, 2003 ... Meningococcal porin, PorB (Minetti et al., 1998), has been shown to ..... (Rojas et al., 1997) and Salmonella (Monack et al., 1996) are some examples. ..... Goldmacher, V.S., Bartle, L.M., Skaletskaya, A., Dionne, C.A., Kedersha ...

Simple Sequence Repeat Marker Development and Mapping ...


Following the touchdown protocol described by Sargent et al. ... the published data for the FV×FB mapping population (Ruiz-Rojas et al., 2010) to determine the ..... M.A. Botella, J. Munoz-Blanco, J.F. Sanchez-Sevilla, and V. Valpuesta. .... Ming, R., S.B. Hou, Y. Feng, Q.Y. Yu, A. Dionne-Laporte, J.H. Saw, P. Senin, W. Wang ...

Is the Readmission Rate a Valid Quality Indicator? A Review of the ...


Nov 7, 2014 ... Dionne S. Kringos, ..... Schiotz M, Price M, Frolich A, Sogaard J, Kristensen JK, et al. ..... Kalogeropoulos A, Georgiopoulou V, Laskar S, Smith AL, et al. ..... Gomez- Aracena J, Hidalgo-Rojas L, Lorenzo-Nogueiras L, et al.

Selective Regulation of xSlo Splice Variants During Xenopus ...


Nov 1, 2003 ... The nonradioactive detection method (Ferreiro et al. ... Calcium sensitivity was evaluated by plotting the value of V1/2 as a ..... and 1970363 (C. V. Rojas), and Fundación G. Puelma (M. Kukuljan). ... Blair LA and Dionne VE.

Publications | Salleo Research Group | Stanford University


Sep 22, 2015 ... Vandewal et al, Macromolecules (2013). ... Y. Wu, A. R. Chew, G. A. Rojas, G. Sini, G. Haugstad, A. Belianinov, S. V. Kalinin, ... M.D. Wisser, M. Chea, Y. Lin, D.M. Wu, W.L. Mao, A. Salleo, J.A. Dionne, Nano Letters 15, 1891 (2015). ... A. Salleo, V. Dyakonov, C. Deibel, Advanced Energy Materials 4 (2014).

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