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The Roman Empire was the post-Roman Republic period of the ancient Roman civilization, characterized by government headed by emperors and large ...

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The Roman Empire, at its height (c. 117 CE), was the most extensive political and social structure in western civilization. By 285 CE the empire had grown...

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Two thousand years ago, the world was ruled by Rome. From England to Africa and from Syria to Spain, one in every four people on earth lived and died under ...

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Brief look at the empire itself, ancient voices, social order, and daily life. From PBS.

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... of Rome in 455 by the Vandals signaled the collapse of the Roman Empire. ... After 450 years as a republic, Rome became an empire in the wake of Julius ...

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Map Data. Map Data. Terms of Use · Report a map error. 50 km. About this Map | Visit Pelagios Commons. BESbswy.

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The Roman Empire emerged from the Roman Republic when Julius Caesar and Augustus Caesar transformed it from a republic into a monarchy. Rome ...

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Oct 18, 2016 ... Anyone spending this election season in the Eternal City, as I am doing, is bound sooner or later to think about the Colosseum. After all, we ...

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Aug 19, 2014 ... Two thousand years ago today, the Roman Emperor Augustus died. His reign marked the start of a 200-year period of peace and prosperity for ...

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With its borders secure and a stable central government, the Roman empire enjoyed a period of prosperity, technological advance, great achievements in the  ...

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The Roman Empire


Includes biographies of emperors, timelines, interactive maps, and sections on the society and the military.

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Oct 24, 2016 ... Roman Empire, the ancient empire, centred on the city of Rome, that was established in 27 bce following the demise of the Roman Republic ...

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The invading army reached the outskirts of Rome, which had been left totally undefended. In 410 C.E., the Visigoths, led by Alaric, breached the walls of Rome  ...