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Root Canal
A root canal is a procedure used to remove the soft center of the tooth called the pulp. The pulp is made up of nerves, connective tissue, and blood vessels. If the pulp is injured or becomes infected, removing the pulp is the best way to save the structure of the tooth. The most common symptoms of pulp damage are tooth pain and gum swelling. More »
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Popular theories abound about alternatives to root canals, but beware: not all of them are effective. Find out more about root canal alternatives, here.


We talk a lot about the alternatives to root canals typically the only alternative mentioned is extraction of the tooth. But is that really the only alternative?


You are diagnosed with needing a root canal, and you want an alternative. What root canal alternatives exist? On this page we will explore whether or not you ...


Jul 18, 2003 ... Painless root canal may sound like an oxymoron, but new techniques are making it a reality for many dental patients. One such technique ...


If you're not keen on the idea of a root canal, there is an alternative. Pulp capping can save your tooth from extraction without having to remove dental pulp.


Root canal treatment alternatives. | Tooth Extraction | Dental Implants | Dental Bridges | Partial Dentures | Delaying treatment. | Advantages/Disadvantages.


May 3, 2014 ... Root canal treated teeth tend to harbor harmful microbes, which can contribute to many chronic diseases -- here are safer alternatives.


The best alternative is extraction and then placing a dental implant. In some cases this a more predictable outcome than doing the root canal. Most dentists are ...


The thought of a root canal may make you fearful or uneasy if you aren't familiar with the procedure. There are common misconceptions that endodontic ...