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Apr 21, 2015 ... Rouach V, Bloch M, Rosenberg N, Gilad S, Limor R, Stern N, et al. ... Therrien F, Drapeau V, Lalonde J, Lupien SJ, Beaulieu S, Tremblay A, et ...

Ruthenium compounds as anticancer agents

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Jan 2, 2012 ... University by Barnett Rosenberg. Rosenberg used a platinum electrode to apply an electric ..... B Therrien et al, J. Cluster Sci., 2007, 18, 741.

The laval questionnaire: a new instrument to measure quality of life ...


Aug 15, 2011 ... Therrien et al; licensee BioMed Central Ltd. 2011 ... Quality of Life-Lite, Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale and Beck Depression Inventory-II). .... "treatment" vs. control groups) in terms of a change in quality of life during the study ...

Genetic Structure of Human Populations - Stanford University


S. E. Quaggin et al., Development 126, 5771 (1999). 17. L. Robb et al., ... Noah A. Rosenberg,1* Jonathan K. Pritchard,2 James L. Weber,3. Howard M. Cann,4 ...

Rosenburg v. IBM Corp. - Goldstein, Borgen, Dardarian & Ho


Rosenburg, et al. v. International Business Machines Corporation was a collective action (FLSA) and also a class action (several states' wage/hour laws) which ...

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Hickey EJ, Veldtman G, Bradley TJ, et al. ... Therrien J, Provost Y, Merchant N, Williams W, Colman J, Webb G. Optimal timing for .... Herschel Rosenberg ...

Anticancer Activities of Mononuclear Ruthenium(II) Coordination ...


Jan 25, 2015 ... B. Rosenberg, L. van Camp, and T. Krigas, “Inhibition of cell division in Escherichia .... B. Atil et al., “Intracellular protein binding patterns of the anticancer ruthenium ... B. Therrien, “Functionalised η 6 -arene ruthenium complexes,” ..... V. Vidimar, X. Meng, M. Klajner et al., “Induction of caspase 8 and react...



... A. Howe, Denis Lepage, Chandler S. Robbins, Kenneth V. Rosenberg, John R. Sauer, and Kimberly G. Smith ... patterns of bird distribution and abundance in winter (Bock et al. ..... A. Robillard, J. F. Therrien, G. Gauthier, K. M. Clark, J. Bêty.

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tion (mean Rosenberg Rate THRS 0.94 vs BFH-. THR 0.86 ... and go (mean SD THRS 6.8 sec vs BFH-THR 7.5 .... Lavigne M, Therrien M, Nantel J, et al. The.

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157–164 in G. D. Rosenberg and D. L. Wolberg (eds.) ..... of sexual selection and species recognition: a response to Knell et al. and to Mendelson and Shaw.

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Control of midline glia development in the embryonic Drosophila CNS


Karim et al., 1996; F.D. Karim, H.C. Chang, M. Therrien, D.A. Wassarman, ... Kuo et al., 1996; Y.M. Kuo, N. Jones, B. Zhou, S. Panzer, V. Larson, S.K. ... Rosenberg et al., 1985; U.B. Rosenberg, A. Preiss, E. Seifert, H. Jäckle, D.C. Knipple.

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Apr 30, 2015 ... In the late 1960s Rosenberg serendipitously discovered that the platinum complex cisplatin ... Piccialli et al. report the synthesis of four novel platinum- substituted ... used by Therrien et al. [19]. .... Costantino, V.; Nici, F.; et al.

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Feb 19, 2014 ... by polar tip growth of the apical cell (Menand et al., 2007a, b; Yang, 2008). .... in animals, in which PFT b mutants are lethal (Therrien et al., 1995 ...... Hala, M., Soukupova, H., Synek, L. and Zarsky, V. (2010) Arabidopsis RAB .... Schafer, W.R., Trueblood, C.E., Yang, C.C., Mayer, M.P., Rosenberg, S.,. Poulter ...