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To round to the nearest tenth of a percent, a person must reduce two or more decimal points to one decimal point. For instance, a percentage of 82.34 is rounded to 82.3 percent, be...

To round a number find the place value you want to round. If the number to the right of it is less then five, the rounding number does not change. If the number to the right is greater than or equal to five, then round the target number up.

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Rounding. Oh my....there will be so many times when rounding numbers ( including decimals) will be a required skill. Let's get this down, shall we?

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Round numbers and decimals to thousands, hundreds, tens, ones, tenths, hundredths- and thousandths places with free online calculator. How to round ...

Rounding To the Nearest Tenth - AAA Math


Rounding decimals is very similar to rounding other numbers. If the hundredths and thousandths places of a decimal is forty-nine or less, they are dropped and ...

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Rounding numbers to the nearest 10 means finding which 10 they are nearest to. For example, 68 rounded to the nearest 10 is 70. There are three more ...

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Sep 6, 2012 ... +SUPER CUTE GIRL Just follow the steps in this video if you are rounding to the nearest ten. If it's nearest hundred, there is another video for ...

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In this lesson you will learn how to round decimals to the nearest tenth by using a number line.

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The tenths place is to the right of the decimal point. Our rounded answer will stop at the tenths place. We use the hundredths place to help us determine the ...

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Rounding decimal numbers to the nearest tenth. Look at decimal number to the right of the tenth place. If it is 5 or above, round up. It it is 4 or below, round down.

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Q: How do you round numbers to the nearest tenths?
A: Ok, say the number was 78.58 you would round it to 78.6 because in 78.58, you can round th .58 to 6. Read More »
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Q: How to explain to people how to round numbers to the nearest tent...
A: The tenth is the first number after the decimal point. To round off go to the second. If this is five or over, round up. If it's less than five leave the tenth ... Read More »
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Q: Round a number to the nearest tenth?
A: Yes, you can. Read More »
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Q: How to Round a Number to the Nearest Tenth.
A: Rounding. is a process by which you can write a long number as a shorter number with roughly the same value. The. tenths digit. is the digit immediately to the ... Read More »
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Q: Round these numbers to the nearest tenth?
A: Anything that has 5 in the hundredths digit [when you're rounding to the nearest tenth] u round up. 29.25 ~ 29.3. 16.25 ~ 16.3. 28.75 ~ 28.8. 26.25 ~ 26.3. 28.5... Read More »
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