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Increased MET and HGF gene copy numbers are associated with ...


Jul 31, 2012 ... Receiver operating characteristic analysis identified 33 HGF ... of failure (30.3% vs 7.8% P=0.007) as compared with HGF FISH-negative cases .... 2009), including pre-treatment with 2 × SSC at 75 °C and digestion with ..... Ridgway JB, Henner D, Wong WL, Rowland AM, Kotts C, Carver ME, Shepard HM.

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d-FEN-treated ABA rats did not reduce food intake or increase wheel running as ... 1978, Casper et al. 1991 ... blocks its reuptake (Rowland & Carlton 1986, Gibson .... washed in 5SSC (short, 72 C) and 0·2. SSC (2 h,. 72 C) and dehydrated in graded ethanol with 3M .... such as duration of food access (1 h vs 1·5 h), running.



Orville V. Burton. History; rivers. = ... Andrew Casper. Aquatic ecology. = ... Roland Cusick. Environmental engineering. = ...

Business Furniture Solutions - The Senator Group


The Senator Group, largest British manufacturer of business furniture for corporate, office, public sector, hospitality & retail. End to end service.

ort (hclA)-encoded histamine receptor subunit Running title: ort (hclA ...


Aug 23, 2002 ... cloned into the NotI site of the CaSpeR-hs transformation vector. ... sense and antisense RNA probes were diluted to the same concentration in hybridization buffer (4 X SSC, ..... Lovenberg, T. W., Roland, B. L., Wilson, S. J., Jiang, X., Pyati, J., ... Nguyen, T., Shapiro, D. A., George, S. R., Setola, V., Lee, D. K., ...

Mono-ovulatory cycles: a key goal in profertility programmes


A.Rojas-Rı¡os (Copenhagen), A.Sunde (Trondheim), A.Van Steirteghem ( Bruxelles). ...... Table V. Spontaneous pregnancy rate per year in couples with primary ..... Fauser, B.C.J.M., Devroey, P., Yen, S.S.C., Gosden, R., Crowley W.F., Baird .... Gonen, Y., Jacobson, W. and Casper, R.F. (1990) Gonadotropin suppression.

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TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Notes and Explanations _ rv Abbreviations - v ... Active List 770 Memorandum of Retirements by Operation of Law, 1946 777 ... The initials "S. S. C." under the name of an officer denote that a Silver Star Citation ...... Robert V. Maraist Frank U. Greer Robert I. Stack Joseph E. Bastion Casper B.

What Physicists Do all past presentations


Dr. Isaac Bass of the SSC Physics Department will discuss the strange phenomena ..... Dr. Barry M. Casper, Chairman of the American Physical Society's Forum on Physics .... Dr. Robert V. Wagoner of the Department of Physics, Stanford University, will ... Dr. Roland Finston, Senior Health Physicist and Lecturer in Nuclear ...

Hearing in the sea otter - Pinniped Cognition & Sensory Systems ...


seismic operations and underwater playbacks of industrial sounds (Riedman 1983 ... 1 µPa/V, 0.01–80 kHz, ±2.5 dB) was placed at the posi- tion of the subject's ...

Sierra Club - John Muir Chapter 2012 Annual Report


their demand for high capacity wells to support their operations. Reducing Climate ..... and the River Touring. Section. In 2012 The UW-Madison Sierra Student. Coalition. (SSC). (http:// ... Kathy Anderson, Merry K Anderson, Philip Anderson & V Kozlovsky, ... Casper, Jean A Casper, Ann Castillo, Judy & Arlen. Christenson ....

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Active Warrant Search - Sedgwick County, Kansas Sheriff's Office


Active Warrant Search. KASPER - Offender Population Search | City of Wichita Warrant Search. Enter any portion of the last name and/or first name of the ...

The vagina as a route for drug delivery: a review | SpringerLink


... the middle muscularis with smooth muscle fibers running in both circular and longitudinal directions, ..... Rowland M, Towzer TN (1995) Elimination. ... Villanueva B, Casper RF, Yen SSC (1981) Intravaginal administration of progesterone: ... trial of vaginal prostaglandin OESTRADIOL for induction of labor , insert vs. tablet.

NP - Vice Chanc Research Institutes - Board of Trustees-University ...


Braun, Paul V, PROF, BECKMAN INST, AA, 0.00, 0.00, $0.00, $0.00 ..... Casper, Andrew Fowler, ASST RES PROG LDR LG RIV ECO, BA, 1.00, 1.00 ..... Okwen, Roland T, RESERVOIR ENGINEER, BA, 1.00, 1.00, $123,616.07, $123,616.07 .... Kenfield, Micah Charles, SSC COORD, BA, 1.00, 1.00, $50,000.00, $50,000.00.