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Aug 13, 2010 ... ... between tumor cells (large side scatter; SSC, orange) and T-cells. ..... Stephan M. T.,; Ponomarev V.,; Brentjens R. J.,; Chang A. H., ..... Kurtz D. M.,; Tschetter L. K.,; Allred J. B.,; Geyer S. M.,; Kurtin P. J.,; Putnam W. D.,; Rowland K. M. Jr.., ... Shanafelt A. B.,; Forte C. P.,; Kasper J. J.,; Sanchez-Pescador L., ...


Dec 30, 2013 ... Data capture and quality assessments were performed with the GeneChip Operating Software tool. .... P < 0.01 versus baseline, by Mann-Whitney U test. .... SSc (n = 34), and psoriasis (n = 66) were compared to those in skin samples .... Furthermore, overexpression of type V collagen in the skin has been ...


Apr 19, 2010 ... The membrane was washed once with 3× SSC (1× SSC is 0.15 M NaCl plus ... for 15 min, two times with 1× SSC-0.1% SDS at 60°C for 30 min, and once with ...... Rapp, U. R., C. Korn, F. Ceteci, C. Karreman, K. Luetkenhaus, V. Serafin, ... Rodriguez, C. I., F. Buchholz, J. Galloway, R. Sequerra, J. Kasper, ...


Oct 18, 2007 ... The SD-induced increase in the correlation coefficient between per2 and dbp expression (-0.15 vs. 0.50) and the decrease observed for the ...


Casper Hofstede of Airborne. Marcus Kremers .... Mike Page of Cone Drive Operations Limited. Martin Sterk of .... Lander V Vanwelkenhuyzen of DRONEMATRIX. Alain MAVEAU ...... Roland Kloet of robot.nl .... Pepijn van der Spek of SSC-ICT.


TABLE OF CONTENTS Page Notes and Explanations _ rv Abbreviations - v ... Active List 770 Memorandum of Retirements by Operation of Law, 1946 777 ... The initials "S. S. C." under the name of an officer denote that a Silver Star Citation ...... Robert V. Maraist Frank U. Greer Robert I. Stack Joseph E. Bastion Casper B.


ALSA sound driver for the AT73C213 DAC using Atmel SSC driver .... codecs: hda-codec - Add quirk entry for Casper CPR2000: hda-codec - Fix ALC662 .... and optimize I2C operations: CS4270 driver does not compile with I2C disabled ... for Roland EXR series: usb-audio: another Logitech camera/microphone ID match ...


... the testicular microenvironment and spermatogonial stem-cell (SSC) niche in ... endoscopic or open operations may require a tracheal replacement but there is .... Karun V. Sharma | Zainab Bascal | Hugh Kilpatrick | Koorosh Ashrafi | Sean L. .... Felista L. Tansi | Ronny Rüger | Claudia Böhm | Roland E. Kontermann | Ulf K.


Jun 12, 2008 ... ν 8, 936, vs, 928, 3, 924 (350), ν s(F 3C2)/ν(C1−S)/δ( O=C−S) ... CF 3C(O)SOC(O )CF 3 (236 nm), (11) and FC(O)SSC(O)CF 3 (232 nm). ..... (c) Argüello , G. A.; Jülicher , B.; Ulic , S. E.; Willner , H.; Casper , B.; ... Erben, Mauricio F.; Della Vedova, Carlos O.; Boese, Roland; Willner, Helge; Oberhammer, Heinz.


Jan 29, 2016 ... EPCs were co-cultured with MSCs for 7 and 14 days before running the test. ... angle light scatter (FSC) and side angle light scatter (SSC) characteristics. ... The cells were then incubated with BSA 1% (w/v) for 30 min to avoid ..... Henkel, Jan; Woodruff, Maria A.; Epari, Devakara R.; Steck, Roland; Glatt, ...