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Sorb may refer to: Sorbs, a Slavic ethnic group; Sorbus, a genus of trees. Sorbus domestica, a species belonging to the Sorbus genus; Sorbus aucuparia, ...

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to take up and hold by either adsorption or absorption. sorbability. play \ˌsȯr-bə- ˈbi-lə-tē\ noun. sorbable. play \ˈsȯr-bə-bəl\ adjective. See words that rhyme ...

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take up a liquid or a gas either by adsorption or by absorption.

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sorb (plural sorbs). The wild ... sorb-apple ... sorb (third-person singular simple present sorbs, present participle sorbing, simple past and past participle sorbed).

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A sorb is when you give someone a degree of sass so great that the only word you can give to desribe it is "Sorbs". Person 1: Yo man can you make me a ...



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to attract and retain substances by absorption or adsorption. Miller-Keane Encyclopedia and Dictionary of Medicine, Nursing, and Allied Health, Seventh Edition.

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Sorb definition, a European tree, Sorbus domestica. See more.

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A member of a Slavic people inhabiting the region of Lusatia in eastern Germany and southwest Poland. [German Sorbe, perhaps variant of Serbe, Serb, from ...