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Silverman v. Campbell was a South Carolina Supreme Court case regarding the ... Full case name, Herb Silverman v. Carol A. Campbell, et al. Argued, October ...

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scholar.google.com/scholar_lookup?title=Coral reefs may start dissolving when atmospheric CO2 doubles&author=Silverman&publication_year=2009

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Sep 18, 2014 ... The total infection rate ratio for TNF versus non-TNF group subjects ... retrospective cohort studies by Beukelman et al. demonstrated that JIA ..... Lovell DJ, Giannini EH, Reiff A, Cawkwell GD, Silverman ED, Nocton JJ, et al. ... Listing J, Strangfeld A, Kary S, Rau R, von Hinueber U, Stoyanova-Scholz M, et al.

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Apr 21, 2015 ... Silverman E, Mouy R, Spiegel L, et al. Leflunomide ... Dziedziejko V, Kurzawski M , Safranow K, et al. .... Strangfeld A, Hierse F, Kekow J, et al.

Staphylococcus aureusα-toxin induces apoptosis in peripheral ...


Aug 15, 2003 ... Katrin Strangfeld, ... which cleave various cellular substrates, thereby inducing the demise of the cell (Los et al., 1999). .... although the protective effect was less pronounced at high concentrations (1% v/v) of the bacterial supernatants. ..... lymphocytes (Weber et al., 2000; Goodyear and Silverman, 2003).

Positivity for anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide is associated with a ...


May 21, 2012 ... disease activity score (5.4 (4.7-6.5) in responders vs 4.9. (4.0-6.0) in non responders, ..... Strangfeld A, Hierse F, Rau R, et al. Risk of incident or ... Dis 2007;66:1473–8. 17. Silverman GJ, Schwartzman S, Townsend M, et al.

Positivity for anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide is associated with a ...


May 21, 2012 ... RF-positivity (75.6% vs 66.7%, p=0.03 in univariate analysis) and anti-CCP positivity (75.9% vs 62.2, p=0.001) were more frequent .... Strangfeld A,; Hierse F, ; Rau R,; et al .... Silverman GJ,; Schwartzman S,; Townsend M,; et al.

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Jul 1, 2015 ... Silverman featuring research articles on clinical subjects from scientists working is a monthly ... moderate/high disease activity at baseline exposed to ≥ 2 versus 1 prior anti-TNF was 0.40 (95% CI ... Harrold, et al: Real-world effectiveness of RTX ...... Zink A, Strangfeld A, Schneider M, Herzer P, Hierse F,.

Longterm Safety, Efficacy, and Inhibition of Structural Damage ...


Jun 1, 2014 ... an international journal edited by Earl D. Silverman ..... as outlined by Buch, et al, should be taken into consideration when interpreting ... Efficacy and safety of abatacept or infliximab vs placebo in ATTEST: a phase III, .... Listing J,; Strangfeld A,; Kary S,; Rau R,; von Hinueber U,; Stoyanova-Scholz M,; et al.

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versus the Population Rate from Package Insert or Registration RCTs*. Biologic. Lymphoma SIR ..... 13. Strangfeld et al. Arthritis Res Therapy 2010, 12:R5. 14. Ji J, et al. Rheumatology 2011 ..... Arabshahi B,. Silverman RA, et al. J Pediatr.

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Anti-TNF therapy is associated with an increased risk of serious ...


Jul 31, 2010 ... The unadjusted rates of SI were higher in the anti-TNF cohort (42 vs 32 events per 1000 patient-years of follow-up). Univariate ..... Zink A, Strangfeld A, Schneider M, et al. .... Abraham E, Wunderink R, Silverman H, et al.

Staphylococcus aureus Virulence Factors Synthesis is Controlled by ...


v. Table of Contents. Abstract… ..... or depleting innate-like B cells (Goodyear and Silverman 2004; Bekeredjian-Ding,. Inamura et al. 2007). Protein A can ... dependent and caspase-independent apoptosis (Haslinger, Strangfeld et al. 2003).

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Apr 15, 2011 ... (B+C) To measure Annexin V binding pelleted osteoblasts were ..... O'Seaghdha M, van Schooten CJ, Kerrigan SW, Emsley J, Silverman GJ, et al. .... Haslinger- Loffler B, Kahl BC, Grundmeier M, Strangfeld K, Wagner B, et al.