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The Real Difference between Skeptics and Deniers | Open Mind


Feb 10, 2014 ... Anthony Watts has a post which mocks scientists who are trying to explain "the pause. ... His list is reasonably long: Too much aerosols from volcanoes, ENSO patterns, ... them, let alone attempt to deal honestly with their loony ideas. ..... My problem is not so much with believers as with literalism–which I ...

The Woo-Woo Credo - SkepticReport


If you linger on one topic too long you may be asked to provide annoying things ... by a skeptic, and you need to come up with some sort of “scientific” explanation . ... This will make any Believers in the audience think that your opponent is ... in the same field think said scientist is a complete loony (and they can prove it, too).

Enough scientific certainty exists on climate change to challenge ...


Mar 5, 2014 ... So when sceptics stress the "nobody knows" narrative, they are ..... FORMER climate blame "believers" are the real progressives for they know that one ...... First jakack, forgive Mike, we get a lot of loonies with political axes to grind ... Too bad so many scientists were suckered into it or joined ...

Skeptic » Reading Room » Orthodox Jews & Science: An Empirical ...


Feb 5, 2011 ... Skeptic is a science magazine, and as such we only deal with ... Although one might expect skepticism of evolution to be found in this ... Sounds too much like the dishonest Discovery Institute list of “scientists” that had bones to pick on evolution. ... True believers will NEVER change their beliefs out of FEAR.

Climate Skepticism the new Creationism? | The Resilient Earth


Jan 18, 2012 ... In an editorial titled “Reach out about climate,” scientists of the world are urged to put 2011 behind them and rejoin the fight in 2012: ... But the true believers are using the distractions of the current news ... province of religious fanatics and fringe science loonies. .... Now climate science too is under attack.

Climate denial linked to conspiratorial thinking in new study | Dana ...


Jul 8, 2015 ... Recurrent Fury uncovers the difference between skepticism and ..... Of course, the true believers at Skeptical Science are not representative of the .... But I'm not too certain that they genuinely believe this, or it's what motivates them. .... nutter, looney, psychopath, to derogate, dismiss and demonise the ot...

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They were angry when “Cosmos” mentioned Giordano Bruno or scientists who were ... This year, the theme was “Skepticism and the Brain,” so the speakers ... Does Einstein threaten religion, too? ... You can't convince of believer of anything , for their belief is not based on evidence but on a deep-seated need to believe.

54% of Australians skeptics of man-made global warming, 80% don't ...


Nov 4, 2015 ... Don't miss below how a climate science professor reveals that most of ... to increase the number of believers, but if the skeptic talking points get a public airing it's all over. ... After the endless drought ended, there have been too many floods ..... to the green-left eco-loonies mast will be seen for what th...

Clarifications re Climate Skeptics and Deniers - IEET


Jul 27, 2010 ... Keith Kloor's recent blogged description of my “Climate Skeptics ... skepticism in science is all very good and helps drive the process. .... I understand that many others are firm believers in AGW, and I .... All too often, every dissenting voice to the “consensus” is dismissed by simple refusal to allow questions.

Can You Be a Skeptic Without Being an Atheist? - Patheos


Nov 20, 2010 ... See, PZ Myers and his band of looney idiot followers think that by .... Anyway, while the notion of being both skeptic and believer doesn't seem to ..... with a PhD in science) to back up my opinion. you have an opinion too.

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The House Science Committee Thinks the Paris Climate Agreement ...


Feb 2, 2016 ... Climate scientists use surface temperature as their go-to .... Take away "Koch Bros.," "Fossil Fuel Industry" and "George Bush," and you loony liberals would be as lost ..... Most skeptics answered, correctly, “false,” while most believers ... lives on the back of his teacher's head from...

NASA UFO Evidence Revealed in Science Channel Documentary ...


Mar 17, 2014 ... NASA UFO Evidence Revealed in Science Channel Documentary ... a spaceship flying across the sky were perceived as either eccentric scientists or alien-loving loonies who drank too much gin. ... Skeptics Versus Believers.

Al Fin: Sceptics vs. Deniers: What Would a Scientist Do?


Jan 10, 2013 ... Climate sceptics, for example, demand a higher level of evidence to support .... approach to science taken by true, confirmed, closed-minded believers. ... Maybe Al Gore can help you pay for a few sessions at your local loony bin? ... Sojka's Call's comment was too short to be certain of any possible deeper ...