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From Sociocultural Disintegration to Community Connectedness ...


Jun 4, 2013 ... Taking off from Leighton's Stirling County study, Dalgard et al. [6, 7] and Sørensen [8] combined a psychiatric service perspective with .... (iv) few recreation activities, (v) high frequency of hostility, (vi) high ... They had to allow for concrete input from the various segments of ...... In: Altman I, Low SM, ed...

Resistance exercise as a countermeasure to disuse-induced bone ...


Shackelford LC(1), LeBlanc AD, Driscoll TB, Evans HJ, Rianon NJ, Smith SM, Spector E, Feeback DL, Lai ... -1%; bone-specific alkaline phosphatase, +64% vs.

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SM Concrete LLC. 75 likes · 7 talking about this. Comcrete-masonry-decorative- overlay-outdoor-kitchens-concrete-rock-carving-countertops-tabletops-bench.

Injuries in Runners; A Systematic Review on Risk Factors and Sex ...


Feb 23, 2015 ... Age, previous sports activity, running on a concrete surface, ... Also, the recent systematic review of Saragiotto et al. ...... Yamato TP, Hespanhol Junior LC, Rainbow MJ, Davis IS, et al. ... Nielsen R, Ramskov D, Sorensen H, Lind M, Rasmussen S, et al. .... West S, King V, Carey T, Lohr K, McKoy N, et al.

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S.M.CONCRETE CRACK FILLER ... Cement. Uses advised against. No information available. Details of the supplier of the safety ... El Segundo, CA 90245-2716.

Investigating the Lived Experience of Recovery ... - Sage Publications


1987; Harrison et al., 2001; Slade, Amering, & Oades,. 2008). In contrast to ..... and S.M.-J.) were asked to read the narratives and critique this model, providing  ...

Genetic signatures of ecological diversity along an ... - PeerJ


Sep 13, 2016 ... habitats on ecological time scales of hours to days (Thomsen et al., 2012; Turner et al., ... their shorelines with concrete or other materials to protect their ... Environmental Systems Research Institute's (Esri) ArcGIS software suite (v. ..... se ct). 100. 150. 200. 250. 300. 350. RB-SM. BG-CW. PC-CC. SI-MA. B.

Body downsizing caused by non-consumptive social stress severely ...


Nov 18, 2009 ... 2006; Sørensen et al. ... In the longer term, stress depresses thyroid activity (Kühn et al. ... A habitat structure (concrete blocks) provided in 2006 was not used by the fish and ..... Edeline E.,; Carlson S. M.,; Stige L. C.,; Winfield I. J.,; Fletcher J. M.,; James J. B.,; Haugen ..... Schmitz O. J.,; Krivan V.,; Ov...

The ISME Journal - The dual role of microbes in corrosion - Nature


Sep 26, 2014 ... Biofilms on concrete, stone and marble are visible as a colored slimy layer or a dry crust (Warscheid and Braams, 2000). ... biofilm formation inhibit the corrosion processes (Dubiel et al., 2002). .... as was shown in the CMIC vs EMIC mechanisms in marine SRB. ..... Article |; Simões M, Simões LC, Vieira MJ.

Multi-bit gates for quantum computing


Xiaoguang Wang, Anders Sørensen, and Klaus Mølmer ... qubits by an LC- oscillator mode in an electrical circuit .... applied in Eq. (1) to ensure that ˆV, ˆW, and ˆR vanish ... As a first concrete example of our procedure consider .... Thus, by choosing sN = iπ, we get exp(sM) = I −. 2 .... J. A. Jones et al., Nature 393, 344 (1998).