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Standard ML - Wikipedia


Standard ML is a functional programming language with some ... Programs written in Standard ML consist of expressions to be ...

Standard ML of New Jersey


Standard ML of New Jersey (abbreviated SML/NJ) is a compiler for the Standard ML '97 programming language with associated libraries, tools, and ...

Programming in Standard ML - Carnegie Mellon School of ...


This book is an introduction to programming with the Standard ML pro- gramming ... Standard ML is a formally defined programming language. The Defi-.

Introduction to SML


Mostly-pure safe strongly-typed functional programming language. Suitable both for programming in the small and programming in the large. Introduction to SML ...

Learn Standard ML in Y Minutes


Standard ML is a functional programming language with type inference and some ... A Standard ML program consists of declarations, e.g. value declarations:  ...

Standard ML Family GitHub Project


Sep 7, 2015 ... The site also supports coordination between different implementations of the Standard ML (SML) programming language by maintaining ...

The ML Programming Language


The ML Programming Language. Here are some resources for learning functional programming in ML. Class Notes · Stuff to try... Declarative programming in ML ...

The Standard ML Programming Language


SML is a procedural computer programming language with extremely strong support for higher-order functions and abstraction. It is often called a “functional”  ...

Standard ML language - Scholarpedia


Dec 7, 2015 ... The programming language Standard ML, also known as SML, is inspired by certain fundamental concepts of Computer Science, making them ...

Programming in Standard ML '97: A Tutorial Introduction


Standard ML is a functional programming language, and it is more than that. Functional ... In this author's opinion, the Standard ML programming language.