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This is a poem of a girl that cut herself. This is a ... Poem About Cutting Wrists ..... Cutting is not good but I can't help to cut when I'm feeling sad or overwhelmed.


Just a poem I wrote, not sure if it is all that good, but, whatever....


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I quit cutting everyone became grateful. The scars on my skin make me wanna go back again. My scars burn like they have just been cut. I am getting weaker by ...


Dark, creepy and paranormal poems filtered by tag cutting. ... It was sad Depressing Doing something bad Watching the blood gush out Room spinning, body ...


Cut poetry: ... Cut. How sad it is that I love someone else, Whilst you are standing there with ... I cut to make myself feel better; to alleviate those feelings of hatred.


Cutting poetry: ... Cutting Pretend your real. Cutting Shed a tear. Cutting Let the blade arrive. Cutting Give direction. Cutting .... I'm too young to be this sad


A poem self harm, it's really long but please read to the end. ... I like to write poems about cutting because when people ask me why i cut it is just so ... and felt that nothing could ever help me. Cutting Is A Sin.. Sad..Cutting.. For You. Cutting.


Depression Poems and Quotes | sad quotes hurt self harm skin cut cutting cuts burn angry poetry poem . Description from pinterest.com. I searched for this on ...