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Jul 22, 2015 ... [1] JPMCC 2006-LDP7 Miami Beach Lodging LLC et al. v. Sagamore Partners, LTD., No. 14-11106 (11th Cir. July 13, 2015) (“opinion”).


Jul 13, 2015 ... Sagamore had contended that bankruptcy law doesn't allow a creditor to ... internal documents kept by JPMCC 2006-LDP7 Miami Lodging LLC, the entity ... Sagamore Partners Ltd., case number 14-11106, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. ... JPMCC 2006-LDP7 Miami Beach Lo, et al v.


Aug 31, 2015 ... JPMCC 2006-LDP7 MIAMI BEACH LODGING, LLC, et al.,. Appellants ... Confirming the Amended Plan of Reorganization of Sagamore Partners, Ltd. (“ Sagamore”) but .... proposed findings verbatim, see Rhode v. Hall, 582 ...


Jul 24, 2015 ... Franklin California Tax-Free Trust, et al., v. Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, et al.,. --- F.3d ---- ... expenses arising out of transactions between a creditor and a debtor-in-possession are limited to ...... JPMCC 2006-LDP7 Miami Beach Lodging, LLC v. Sagamore Partners, Ltd. (In re Sagamore Partners, Ltd),.


The Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama, et al. Date: September 2 ... JPMCC 2006-LDP7 Miami Beach Lodging, LLC, et al v. Sagamore Partners, LTD


May 10, 2013 ... JPMCC 2006-LDP7 Retail 201 LLC, representing a commercial ... trust managed by Miami Beach-based LNR Partners, won the judgment ...


Jun 5, 2015 ... Series 2006-LDP7 as follows: .... The portfolio includes a total of 1,431 rooms and the hotels generally benefit from good proximately to regional ...