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Sailfish are a genus Istiophorus of billfish living in warmer sections of all the oceans of the world. They are predominantly blue to gray in colour and have a ...

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The two main subspecies of sailfish, Atlantic and Indo-Pacific, range throughout the warm and temperate parts of the world's oceans. They are blue to gray in ...

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Sailfish are a very well-known species of fish (you've probably heard of them, and maybe even seen one mounted) because of their popularity among sport ...

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Either of two large marine fishes, Istiophorus albicans of the Atlantic Ocean or I. platypterus of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, having a large saillike dorsal fin ...

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Istiophorus platypterus. The sailfish is one of the faster of the marine creatures, and one of the more popular in recreational fishing, despite the meat being of ...

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With its huge, sail-like dorsal fin, long, pointed bill, and graceful, elongated body, the Indo-Pacific sailfish (Istiophorus platypterus) is one of the world's most ...

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Dec 28, 2008 ... Sailfish is the common name for any of the large marine fish comprising the genus Istiophorus in the Istiophoridae family of the Perciformes ...

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There is also no difference in pectoral fin length or in any other morphometric or meristic characters between Atlantic and Indo-Pacific populations of sailfish ...

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Define sailfish: any of a genus (Istiophorus, especially I. platypterus) of billfishes having a very large dorsal fin—sailfish in a sentence.

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Sailfish take their name from the large dorsal fin that stretches almost the full length of their bodies. While their sail-like fins are impressive, as is the fight they' re ...

Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Actinopterygii
Order: Perciformes Family: Istiophoridae Genus: Istiophorus
Species: Istiophorus platypterus
Shaw and Nodder first described the Atlantic sailfish in 1792 and assigned it the species name Xiphias platypterus. Some scientists believe that the Atlantic and Pacific sailfishes are separate species and apply the name... More »
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Find out what's known about Sailfishes, Istiophorus albicans, Actinopterygii, Perciformes, Istiophoridae, including their world range and habitats, feeding ...

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Sailfish: Istiophorus platypterus. Appearance: Color dark blue on top, brown-blue laterally and silvery white underbelly; Upper jaw elongate in the form of a spear ...

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Sailfish definition, a large tropical and subtropical marine fish, Istiophorus platypterus, of the family Istiophoridae, distinguished by a long, high dorsal fin, long ...