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The College-Loan Scandal: Matt Taibbi on the Ripping Off of Young ...


Aug 15, 2013 ... By Steve McPherson .... Collinge's creditor, Sallie Mae, which originally had been a ... 300 percent versus the Consumer Price Index between 1990 and 2011. ... Lyndsay Green, a graduate of the University of Alabama, in a typical story. ..... We Offer guaranteed loan services of any amount to citizens and ...

Student Loans and Access to Higher Education


—Baum & McPherson, 14 November 2011 ... output of goods and services by $312 billion in current dollars" by 1987 (Greiner 2007; Price, p. ... After 2000, Sallie Mae and other lenders and loan purchasers resold student loans to ..... 3; Schemo 2011; Cook & Hartle 2011; Baum et al., pp. ..... Pell grants vs. tuition tax cred...

ABSTRACT MCPHERSON, ANDREA V. College Student Life and ...


MCPHERSON, ANDREA V. College Student Life and Financial Stress: An Examination of ...... involves a stressful period of adaptation for students ( Bouteyre et al., .... Among the various types of complaints heard by college counseling services, .... Sallie Mae (2009) reported that students used credit cards to pay for direct ...

Breaking the Silence on Student Loans - Inside Higher Ed


Mar 20, 2009 ... Sallie Mae wants $100 to put my two loans through them into forbearance. ... Instead, he jumps right into the Direct vs FFELP debate. .... because if you're not a lender who also originates, disburses and services a student loan, then .... by lender and gauranty agencies due to ECASLA (caused by AIG, et al).

Understanding Access to Higher Education - Stetson University


Feb 22, 2006 ... v. But, postsecondary education is not just about money. College provides a plethora of societal ..... Institutional responsibility refers to the academic and social services, developmental education .... Karen Akerhielm et al. .... Michael McPherson and Morton Schapiro (1998). .... Sallie Mae Education Institute.



... Panel, 1997 Follow-up. Derek V. Price*,** ... established the Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae) as a ... McPherson's and Schapiro's (1991) analysis of the Current Population .... 1993 baccalaureate degree recipients ( Green et al., 1996, 1999), the .... services) and part-time status of employment in 1997.

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Mar 21, 2016 ... Sallie Mae Inc. vs Devera. 52 AR-10-004280 ... Cavalry Portfolio Services LLC vs Johnson etal. 72 AR-10-004690 ... Educational Billing Services L.P. vs Rogers etal. 81 AR-10-004809 ..... AR-10-010663. Rioux vs McPherson ...

Challenging times, clear choices - University of Southern California


Jan 1, 2003 ... McPherson and Morton Owen Schapiro, “The Blurring Line Between Merit and .... Berkner, Lutz et al (2002). .... Versus Out-of-State Students: The Divergence ..... Senior Vice President, College Access Services ... Sallie Mae.

Squeeze the Parents: New Student Loan Goes Straight to Mom and ...


Updated March 29, 2016 6:40 a.m. ET ... the largest U.S. private student lender by loan originations and better known as Sallie Mae, will introduce its version of ...

loan | Minding The Campus


The new Sallie Mae-Gallup survey of attitudes toward higher education, ..... For- Profit v. ... In fact, Vedder et al. seriously understate the problem, pointing to the need for .... share prices—as much so that Standard & Poors' Education Services Index, .... Sandy Baum (the main author of the reports) and Michael McPherson are...

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The Impact of Youth Debt on College Graduation


For example, findings from a recent national survey by Sallie Mae (2009) indicate .... McPherson, 2009; Frank, 1999). Despite the ... savings impact college education (Elliott et al., 2011), the re- lationships ..... vs. long-term impacts on college education. .... Children and Youth Services Review, 23, 2312-2328. Elliott , W.

Youth debt and college graduation: Differences by race/ethnicity


Findings from a recent national survey by Sallie Mae (2009) indicate that ... students (Baum & McPherson, 2008; Heller, 2008). .... persistence and completion (Hossler et al., 2008), but research generally suggests that the ...... Children and Youth Services Review, 33(11), 2312–2328. doi:10.1016 ... Price, Derek V. (2004).

Student Aversion to Borrowing: Who Borrows and Who ... - USA Funds


Student Loan Marketing Association (Sallie Mae) in 1972. In addition, the ... are less likely to use a wide variety of financial services, due in part to language .... ( Lippman et al. 2008) found ... eliminate ability to pay as a factor in college choice (McPherson ..... borrowing for Hispanics and Asians versus all undergraduates.