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The shipworms are marine bivalve molluscs in the family Teredinidae: a group of saltwater clams with long, soft, naked bodies. They are notorious for boring into ...

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Bristle worms are free-living segmented worms with an elongated body which bear a pair of appendages as well as tufts of bristles (setae) on each segment of  ...

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Jul 28, 2010 ... http://www.ipsf.com We show the difference between good worms and bad worms in your reef aquarium. Bad worms include so-called ...

Parasites | Seafood Health Facts


All living organisms, including fish, can have parasites. ... Roundworms called nematodes are the most common parasite found in marine fishes. ... caution in consuming raw fish because some species of fish can contain these harmful worms.

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It afflicts over 50 species of freshwater and marine fish in the northern hemisphere. This flatfish Limanda limanda has an outgrowth called a xenoma. It is caused by a microsporidian fungal parasite...

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Spaghetti worms are common parasites of saltwater fish in the drum family, which ... Research has shown that approximately 40% of Louisiana and Mississippi ... While cooking does, of course, kill the worm, even without cooking they are not a  ...

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Bristle worms and fire worms General Reef Discussion. ... a 20-30 min soak in vinegar will take away the sting and dissolve the bristles.

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Eunice aphroditois is an aquatic predatory polychaete worm dwelling at the ocean floor. ... Another family of polychaete worms, the fireworms ( Amphinomidae), have ... this is very early, considering...

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I will restrict the usage of the term “Fireworms” to those belonging to the genera ... But this hardly quells the concerns of reef-tank owners who are unlucky .... They would probably accept more feedings and grow faster if given the opportunity.

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Q: Habitat of Earthworms | Cuteness.com
A: Earthworms can be found in the soil of backyards as well as near bodies of fresh and salt water. Many earthworms live in the topsoil, while others dwell deeper... Read More »
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