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Business-to-Customer Letters
Business-to-customer letters are defined as typical letters that businesses send to their customers under normal operating circumstances. The term "business" is used here in the broad sense to include any kind of enterprise, for-profit or non-profit...
Business-to-Customer Samples:


Jul 1, 2017 ... Need a sample rejection letter to send to unsuccessful applicants for jobs? Here is a standard rejection letter for applicants you don't interview.


Dec 14, 2016 ... Want to professionally, thoughtfully, and kindly reject job applicants? You can use these sample rejection letters as a guide. These samples will ...


Feb 12, 2017 ... Do you need a sample job rejection letter? These sample job rejection letters are for excellent candidates who interviewed with your ...


Candidate rejection letter template that you can use for any role. Use this sample rejection letter for job candidates at the phone interview stage.


Oct 3, 2016 ... I have a friend who appraises antiques — assigning a dollar value to the old Chinese vase your grandmother used for storing pencils, telling ...


This rejection letter sample can be used to reach out to a rejected job candidate after a job interview.


Jul 16, 2015 ... Rejection letters are often cold, robotic, and shrouded in mystery. Here's how to ... We compiled 7 examples of how to do it. AddThis Sharing ...


Sep 29, 2014 ... Use this job rejection letter sample template to let interviewed but unsuccessful candidates know your decision.


Jul 1, 2015 ... How to Write a Rejection Letter. Notifying an applicant that he or she didn't get the job is important, but it can be difficult to know what to say.