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Oil and Gas Exploration in Washington, 1900–1981


7 ...... v“. . . . . . . i . ... Gas Co's. Swallow Rock No. I. The next well drilled in Asotin. County has the ... three-digit number is a state oil' and gas drilling permit number (such as 6, ... about 1881 along the sea cliffs on the west side of .... Sunshine Mining Co. et al, Medina No. ... 169) were drilled approximately 2%...



Case opinion for US Supreme Court GULF OFFSHORE CO. v. MOBIL ... Mobil Oil Corp. contracted with petitioner for the latter's performance of certain operations on offshore oil drilling platforms. .... 462, as amended, 43 U.S.C. 1331 et seq.

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Please select a Company Name or Number for detailed information. You can search from either Active Companies or All Companies. Select an Option Using the ...

News & Events - LarsonEnergy LLC


The results encouraged the successful drilling and completion of the Hunter Trust "A" #2. Harvest Petroleum, in conjunction with Larson Energy, LLC, et al, participates in the development of these ... Innovo Begins Workover of 8 Wells in Coleman Co., Texas ..... Samson Resources Drilled a Des Moines Horizontal Test…

A comparison of postrelease survival parameters between single ...


mass-released delphinids appeared to survive postrelease (Sampson et al. 2012 ). .... To assist their compromised thermoregulatory ability out of water, responders cov- ... flat ground (no cliffs or stairs), minimal offshore sandbars, and within a 1 h drive ... plated brass cork borer bit on a cordless drill was used to create the ...

Green diary rescue: The 'Dirty Dozen' corporate tax dodgers


Apr 16, 2011 ... samsoneyes .... As the graphic below shows, banks, oil and coal companies are ... corporate giants to slip ever-increasing profits into offshore accounts. .... to the edge of the escarpment cliffs and soaked in the wonderful views, then .... tmservo433 gave the backhand to a certain oil company in ..... Et Cetera.

Late Cenozoic Antarctic paleoclimate ... - people - Boston University


doi: 10.1130/0016-7606(1996)108<0181:LCAPRF>2.3.CO;2. 1996;108;181-194. Geological Society of America .... of Taylor Glacier into lower Arena Valley ( Marchant et al., 1994). ... are more persistent in the western Dry Valleys, and maritime cli- .... ic section as V-shaped, vertically stratified sand-and-gravel deposits. (Fig.

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Apr 1, 2007 ... During the ensuing years the company carried out asset evaluations in ... induced, dip of the OWC in the Ula Field (Heum 1996, Dennis et al. ... Petroleum Geoscience, v.2 pp.145-158 Hodgson, N.A., Farnsworth, J. and Fraser, A.J., 1992 . .... for our operated oil and gas activities both onshore and offshore.

Roc Oil cliff head


Feb 23, 2011 ... Chief Executive Officer Roc Oil Company Limited ... The Cliff Head Alpha (CHA) Platform and production pipelines, the offshore portion.

Episodic global dispersal in shallow water - San Francisco Estuary ...


on semisubmersible drilling platforms; ballast water; transport with fisheries products intended ... *Correspondence: James T. Carlton, Maritime Studies Program, Williams ... the Pacific coast of North America (Cohen et al., 1995; ...... the Pacific Northwest, Gulf Publishing Co., Houston, TX. ... Hall, Inc., Englewood Cliffs, NJ.

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IC 75, Oil and Gas Exploration in Washington, 1900-1982


representing the Lewiston-Clarkston Oil & Gas Co's. ... or the number-V assigned by the author, and unique ... three-digit number is a state oil and gas drilling permit number (such as 6, 28, l35). ... about 188I along the sea cliffs on the west side of .... et al, Medina No. ... 169) were drilled approximately 2% miles offshore...

Cliff Gunter III - Bracewell


Cliff Gunter is a senior partner in the firm's trial section. He has devoted more than 45 years of practice to providing strategic, effective trial representation to ...

SEC News Digest, February 22, 2012


Feb 22, 2013 ... For investment advisers and investment companies –presence exams for newly registered .... Act of 1940, in the civil action entitled Securities and Exchange Commission v. ... Symetra Life Insurance Company, et al. ..... SOLUTIONS GROUP INC MN 2.02,7.01,9.01 02/20/13 HERCULES OFFSHORE, INC.