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The best way to wash satin fabric depends on what type of fibers are used, but most satin pieces last longer and look better when washed by hand. Dry-cleaning is necessary, however...

How to Make Satin Fabric
Satin fabric is tightly woven, with a very flat and smooth surface. The weaving method produces a lustrous finish. The face of the cloth is covered with the warp yarn, and no filling lines are visible. If woven in silk or another fabric with a high... More »
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A satin fabric tends to have a high luster due to the high number of floats on the fabric. Because of this it is used in making bed sheets. Many variations can be ...
A satin weave is created by at least five yarns. It is woven four over and one under, thus creating a smooth finish.The four over yarns "float" over the top of the top of the weave. More »
By Pamela Cole Harris, Guide

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Q: How to Weave Satin Fabric.
A: 1. Plan the satin weave pattern on graph paper with drafting pencils by drawing a square encasing nine vertical and horizontal graph squares. 2. Skip the first ... Read More »
Q: How to Wash Satin Fabric.
A: Things You'll Need. 1 tablespoon borax. Lukewarm water. 2 tablespoons baby shampoo. 2 tablespoons distilled vinegar. Towel. View Item Details. Instructions. Fil... Read More »
Q: What is satin fabric?
A: Satin has a glossy surface & a dull back. It is a warp-dominated weaving technique that forms a Read More »
Q: How to unwrinkle the satin fabric?
A: Steam will do. Use the steam setting on your iron or hang it up in the bathroom and turn the hot water on. The steam should smooth it out. Or put a sheet over w... Read More »
Q: What is cotton satin fabric.
A: Wikipedia says "Satin (pronunciation: /ˈsætən/[1]) is a weave that typically has a glossy surface and a dull back. It is a warp-dominated weaving technique that... Read More »