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Rings of Saturn


The rings of Saturn are the most extensive planetary ring system of any planet in the Solar System. They consist of countless small particles, ranging in size from ...

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Saturn is a funny-looking planet. True, it's not the only planet with rings. Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune have rings, too. But Saturn's rings are the biggest and ...

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The rings of Saturn have puzzled astronomers since Galileo Galilei discovered them with his telescope in 1610. Detailed study by the Voyager 1 and Voyager 2  ...

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Scientists have ideas about why Saturn has rings, but no one knows for sure. What are Saturn's rings made of? Are they solid like the CD you used to make your ...

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Saturn is sometimes called the ''Jewel of the Solar System'' because its ring system looks like a crown. The rings are well known, but often the question '

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A few years after Galileo first saw Saturn and its rings (which he thought were Saturn and two other planets close together) they disappeared. He thought that ...

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Saturn's rings are incredibly thin. The main rings are generally only about 30 feet (10 meters) thick, though parts of the main and other rings can be several ...

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May 2, 2014 ... Saturn's rings are so thin that when seen edge-on they practically ... the thickness -to-width ratio of a piece of paper is then 0.00036, over 100 ...

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Mar 9, 2011 ... I presume that rocks within rings smash each other. Below the picture there is a note which says that Saturn's rings are about 1 km thick.

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Q: What are Saturns rings called?
A: "Saturn's Rings"  Specific rings are designated with letters (mostly) assigned in order of discovery.  The order going out from Saturn is D, C, B, A, F, E, G.  ... Read More »
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Q: What is Saturns rings made of?
A: saturn's beautiful rings are made of rock and ice. Read More »
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Q: What is Saturn's ring made of.
A: The. rings of Saturn. are a system of planetary rings around the planet Saturn. They consist of countless small particles, ranging in size from microns to meter... Read More »
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Q: How big is Saturns ring.
A: 7.4million miles. Read More »
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Q: What are saturns rings made of.
A: They're made up of floating chunks of water ice, rocks & dust ranging in size from specks to enormous orbiting in a ring pattern. Saturn's rings are made of bil... Read More »
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