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Savings Account
A deposit account held at a bank or other financial institution that provides principal security and a modest interest rate. Depending on the specific type of savings account, the account holder may not be able to write checks from the account (witho... More »
Definition of a Savings Account
Banks offer savings accounts to customers as a means of saving money. Savings accounts have a variety of features and benefits designed to help you achieve your goals and objectives. A savings account can pay interest, and some have tiered balances for... More »
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A savings account is a deposit account held at a retail bank that pays interest but cannot be used directly as money in the narrow sense of a medium of ...


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It's never too early to begin saving. Talk with a banker to see how a savings account and CD can help you put money aside. See current Chase coupon for ...


A savings account is an interest-bearing deposit account held at a bank or another financial institution that provides a modest interest rate. Banks or financial ...


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Looking for places to grow your money without much risk is difficult these days, but finding the best savings account might be a good place to start. Altho.