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Double entendre


A double entendre is a figure of speech or a particular way of wording that is devised to be understood in either of two ways, having a double meaning. Typically one of the meanings is obvious, give...

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Jun 22, 2011 ... With sarcasm the meaning is obvious and it's meant to hurt. ... This seems somewhat related to this question: Word to describe .... In a sense, ironic because the speaker says one thing but means the opposite? ... you to understand it one way, even though I mean it another way, I am speaking ironically.

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This is the disparity between human desires and the harsh realities of the world. While these are some definitions for saying one thing and meaning another, ...

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Mar 19, 2011 ... Another Latin phrase for equivocation, this one widely used in ..... The “Quality” sticker is there because one of the definitions of quality is “an ...

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what with one thing and another meaning, definition, what is what with one thing and another: You say what with one thing and another when you want to ...

You Don't Know What You're Saying - Scientific American


May 2, 2014 ... ... happen if someone said one word, but heard themselves saying another. ... After participants heard a manipulated word, a question popped up on the ... to their own voices to help specify the meaning of what they are saying. ... “When you say one thing but hear yourself clearly saying something else, ...

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Saying One Thing, Meaning Another provides background information and materials necessary for educators to help individuals ages 10 through adult improve ...

Urban Dictionary: Freudian slip

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A slip of the tongue in which a word that the speaker was subconsciously thinking ... It's when you say one thing, but mean your mother. ... A Freudian slip is when a person has a slip of the tongue, where they say one thing, but mean another.

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Instead of saying, “Grandma is dead,” which can sound harsh to some, a writer may use the ... A metaphor expresses a comparison by calling one thing another.

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The same word is used to describe a line of twelve syllables which is the dominant form of French ... Allegory: the saying of one thing and meaning another.

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Apr 19, 2014 ... A figure of speech in which a word or phrase that ordinarily designates one thing is used to designate another, thus making an implicit ...

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Define hypocrisy: the behavior of people who do things that they tell other people not to do ... the hypocrisy of people who say one thing but do another.

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Dec 23, 2015 ... What is thing? thing meaning, pronunciation and more by Macmillan Dictionary. ... more dictionary definitions .... It's one of those gadget things, isn't it? .... If anyone asks you what I said, don't say a thing. ... have a thing for/about · how are things? it's one thing to..., it's another/...