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A directed-energy weapon (DEW) emits highly focused energy, transferring that energy to a target to damage it. Potential applications of this technology include ...

12 Things you should know about scalar weapons - Angelfire


The following seems like science fiction, but scalar beam weapons were invented in 1904 by Nicola Tesla, an American immigrant from Yugoslavia. (1856 or 57 ...

Scalar Weapons - The Tom Bearden Website


Since the evidence is overwhelming that the Soviet scientists developed electrogravitation and scalar EM weapons, it seems logical that their search succeeded ...

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Jul 7, 2010 ... High Impulse Weapon System Plasma weapon tesla Haarp scalar ... Are Scalar Weapons being used to destabilize the Pacific Northwest ?

Israel Seems To Be Outfitting Her Tanks With Scalar Tesla Dome ...


When Cutting Edge broke our articles on Russian and Israeli Scalar Weaponry in mid-2004, many people were very skeptical. They found it hard to believe that ...



This briefing presents the basic concepts of Soviet Scalar electromagnetic weapons, some of the major types available, and evidence of their widespread testing ...

Will Iraq Be World's First Electromagnetic 'Scalar' War? - Rense


The new Scalar Electromagnetic weapons utilize a new type of electromagnetic waves called "longitudinal waves" or "scalar waves." They are called by other ...

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Jan 27, 2005 ... I hear/read about "Scalar Weapons" from a certain website : www.cheniere.org and it's main man : retired Col. Tom Bearden. I have one of his ...

Scalar Wars The Brave New World of Scalar Electromagnetics


Mar 26, 2002 ... Article by Bill Morgan about scientist Tom Bearden and the new scalar weapons called "Tesla howitzers."

Examples of Sightings of Probable Scalar Weapon Activity


"This slide shows the location of three areas of interest relative to Soviet scalar EM weapons testing." 4. Site of Mystery Mushroom cloud, seen by several pilots

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Scalar Weapons - Read It and Weep


THE DISCOVERY OF SCALAR WAVES It all started in the 18<sup>th</sup> century with a Scotsman named James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879). He was a mathematical ...

Scalar Weapons: Tesla's Doomsday Machine? - Skeptoid


Sep 30, 2008 ... This is a scalar weapon, a power unlike anything in conventional physics, said to be invented by the obsessive genius Nikola Tesla.

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Aug 24, 2016 ... A scalar wave is a purported type of electromagnetic wave that works outside .... " The Black Weapon", a "scalar weapon" that generates a ...